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Doesn’t everyone have at least one or two weddings to go to every summer?

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who feel that way, and we also don’t want to have to buy a new dress every time we have to attend a wedding. Luckily for us (and you), we have some versatile dresses and some other tips for you to remain stylish at every wedding and keep a little bit of extra cash to give the newly married couple.

The Blank Canvas Dress: Aisha Lined Lace Dress by Arianne Lingerie

Yes, we know there’s a certain no apropos about wearing the same dress to multiple weddings, but it’s easy to get away with when you have some styling tricks under your belt.

Take this beautiful Aisha dress by Arianne – a stunning, universally flattering lace frock. It’s simple enough that you can create virtually any look you want to transform this dress into something different every time.

Change up your jewelry, add a belt, drape a lightweight kimono over it to add some depth – the options are endless. You can make it work for almost any theme and level of formality you come across.

Try A Skirt

Technically, you don’t have to wear a dress to a wedding to look elegant. Invest in a fairly simple skirt that appeals to you, and change up the top for each wedding. Go for a fun pattern, like this Tunic Camisole by Zaan that can be tucked into anything, or a neutral top with a dazzling detail, like the Dylan top by Arianne with a fun neckline.

Once again, your accessory choices can amplify your look.

Invest in a Convertible Dress

The Six In One Dress by Zaan comes in any pattern you could want for summer!

If you have a couple weddings where the majority of guests are different, you can wear the same dress – just change it up!

The Six In One Dress by Zaan comes in several patterns, and the straps can be manipulated to turn your dress into different styles. How fun is that!

Have The Right Undergarments

A dress can be completely ruined by ill-fitting lingerie, the wrong choice in lingerie, or bad quality shapewear.

Some things you should always have in your arsenal: a well-made shapewear outfit or piece that’s versatile enough to go with any dress you wear, a convertible bra, and a seamless panty. These are interchangeable and will work with anything you choose to wear to a wedding.

What do YOU prefer to wear to a summer wedding?

Share with us in the comments below!

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