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What type of lingerie is hot this season? You may be surprised!

With over 45 different types of undergarments all classified as Lingerie, I wonder how trendsetters are able to choose which items will be HOT, and which will NOT for each season! Regardless of how they do it, they’ve come up with something really exciting in the Lingerie industry for this Fall/Winter 2011…Hosiery!

Over the past few seasons, Hosiery has slowly been making a more fashion forward approach by changing in colour, style, shape and even by using more exciting fabrics. Hosiery is no longer considered an undergarment that “only your grandmother would wear” but something that is not only accepted, but also expected with a lot of newer styles in clothing and accessories.

Hosiery is an exciting way to spice up your fall/winter wears by choosing from hundreds of colours, patterns and styles! You know how sometimes you create an outfit and love it so much, you want to wear it all the time, but don’t, because that would be too repetitive? Well, try creating your favourite outfit this season including a pair of funky tights! You can easily switch up the outfit by changing the colour or pattern on your leggings, and a lot of people will love your new style because you’ll be SO confident no matter what the occasion!

Would this style work in YOUR work?

Although Hosiery is turning into quite the fashionable undergarment accessory for Fall, let’s not forget about their original function, and how there are “rules” that may still apply (if you opt to follow them) when choosing what you’d like to wear and where you’d like to wear it.  There may be certain places and events where these items may or may not be deemed appropriate. Even though hosiery is excitedly becoming more popular in fashion trends, business wear is still a gray area regarding “rocking your tights” at work. If your place of business has a more corporate feel, and most of the men in the office are constantly wearing suit and tie, then tights or leggings are usually a no-go unless they are of a neutral shade or colour, and used to cover up bare legs when wearing a business-appropriate dress or skirt.

Now you have a little more flexibility when the dress code is “Business/Casual” but you still have to be careful, based on the company you’re dressing for and your role at that company. Tights, leggings, and pantyhose are mostly all acceptable when worn appropriately with “Business/Casual” attire, but be careful when choosing the pattern or style of those tights! For example, fishnet stockings, or hosiery with netted material, are usually not acceptable for business environments, especially in a role where you may be representing the company.  Netted material is sometimes still viewed as provocative and inappropriate for the work place.

What colour is YOUR style?


You’re lucky if your place of work allows you to explore and flaunt your personal style with the clothing you choose and while expressing your personality, you are representing the individuality of the company.

Pick out some fabulous new Hosiery pieces to add to your Fall/Winter collection and don’t be shy-present to the world your sense of YOUR style!

Your Sexy Style

But ladies, keep in mind that although hosiery is becoming more common, YOU don’t have to! Hosiery can still be used as a fun, more sexy appeal when used in the right settings. Take those lace or fishnet stockings and put em’ to good use! Check out some of these great sexy garters and garter-belts that can be used to accessorize your alluring stay-ups or thigh-high tights. Need a little more inspiration? Why not add an amazing Lace or Sheer nightgown to your sexy ensemble!? You’ll be perfectly irresistible and feel extra feminine.

 Know of stylish ways to wear hosiery this season? Comment below, e-mail me or tell us on Twitter and Facebook!


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Photo: Would this style work in YOUR work?

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Colorful Tights on Featured Image





    Today I wore argyle purple knee hi’s over purple & black lace tights, under a brown dress, with my custom painted sneakers

  • admin

    That sounds very chic! I tried some smoky gray tights with a red sweater dress. It’s so much fun to experiment with hosiery! Thanks for your comment.

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