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We’re anticipating that the sports bra is going to become even bigger this year, especially when you look at how celebrities can’t stop styling them.

What is it about the sports bra that people are loving so much?

J.Lo shows off some color coordination. | Via Popsugar

First of all, they are comfortable. When you find a sports bra that fits you well, you’ll be amazed how much you want to wear it. Sports bras don’t always have wires, but they still manage to support your bust so well. This is because sports bras have to be strong and durable in order to protect your bust from getting damaged when you’re working out.

Olivia Culpo shows that a modern matching set is much more chic than you’d think. | Via Life And Style Mag

Sports bras are also super cute! They are no longer just these basic and bulky things you dread wearing or cover up. Sports bras are a fashion piece now. They come in gorgeous color combinations, feature trendy details, and are made in so many designs to appeal to anyone. That’s why it’s so popular to show them off. They’re kind of like a crop top and bra all in one.

Lucy Hale shows off how to make a sports bra into a chic casual outfit. | Via People

There is also a somewhat deeper reason sports bras are so trendy. As you probably know, there’s been a large movement in lingerie to redefine what is sexy and what people who wear lingerie should look like. People are taking back the power of lingerie and reframing it into everything is sexy and beautiful because of the wearer. This means that all styles get to be showcased, from the sports bras to the lacy numbers and everything in between.

Ashley Graham rocks the sports bra and high waisted legging ensemble. | Via People

There really are countless reasons to have a sports bra. You want one if you do any semblance of physical activity. What’s more, they feel amazing to wear. You can also create a cute outfit around a sports bra which is a fabulous bonus! You can get matchy, you can coordinate colors, or you can give the sports bra the spotlight.

What’s your favorite way to utilize a sports bra?

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