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Gifts from the Heart: Give and Give Back for the Holidays

What do you get for that person who has EVERYTHING? Everyone has at least one person in their life who makes them ask that question every year around the holidays. We want our gifts to be personal and thoughtful, rather than things bought out of a sense of obligation. Perhaps instead of adding to their collection of stuff, consider a gift from the heart by giving in a way that gives back to more than just the person being gifted. You’ll be doing a wonderful and selfless thing during a holiday season where many can be selfish and materialistic, while also blessing someone else with being a part of something special.

Canadian Feed The Children

This incredible organization has several types of gifts in many affordable price ranges that allows you to donate resources to underprivileged children and families in Canada, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Uganda. Some examples include school uniforms, animals for breeding and food, seeds and plants, and so much more. When you purchase one of these gifts, you’ll be provided with a card to give to the person you’re making the donation for to explain to them the impact of this gracious donation. From now until Christmas, Canadian Feed The Children will make two donations for every donation they receive, so you’re generosity will multiply and help even more families.

CanadaHelps Charity Gift Cards

Give someone the option of choosing what charity they would love to help with a CanadaHelps Charity gift card. Personalize this as much as you’d like with the option of choosing not only the amount, but even the design of the card! You can choose for your loved one to receive this on any date you choose, and can also include a personal message. When they receive it, they can then choose where they would like to contribute the funds to. It’s a beautiful option for someone who you know loves to give back, but maybe aren’t sure exactly where they would like to donate to.

Pamela Love for eBay Sunburst Earrings

These sweet modern rose gold plated earrings are a gift that you can actually give someone, with your purchase giving back to the CFDA Foundation. This foundation will be giving 100% of the proceeds of these earrings, as well as other pieces from this line, to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, which is an initiative created by Ralph Lauren and the CFDA to help push forward breast cancer research and awareness.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade created this comprehensive gift guide of jewelry, clothing, handbags, and more that you can gift someone physically while also creating an impact. Proceeds from all of these items go to a tremendous amount of different charities, or help support handmade practices that are livelihoods for many women and families.

Do you think you’ll try one of these ideas for someone special in your life? Share with us in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube!



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