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Bras For Spaced Out Breasts

Breasts are like snowflakes – no two are the same!

That can be said for the uniqueness of breasts from woman to woman, or even about our own two. Women have all sorts of quirks about their breasts, some that they may even be insecure about. This can lead to a misunderstanding of what types of bras are best for her. She may not even know that there is a bra made for her!

It’s very common for women to have spaced out breasts. That means that there is a wide gap between her breasts, either on the top or at the bottom. Furthermore, she may even notice that her breasts drift to the sides.

So what types of bras can you wear to bring your breasts back together, or make the space appear less apparent? Here are some suggestions from #ShopNTL for different degrees of separation to bring those breasts back together!

Body Make Up Seamless Push Up Bra by Triumph Lingerie


If your breasts touch at the top and separate as they go down, a bra with a very small or low cut centre is ideal. This is because it can be hard to find an ideal fit, as the centre will not sit on your chest as it should. This bra also helps push up the breasts, making them look a little bit more even and filled out. You’ll also get seamless capabilities and soft fabric and underwire for the ultimate comfort.

No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra by Warner’s Lingerie


For breasts that are spaced out at the top and gradually grow farther apart towards the bottom, a supportive bra with a wider, triangle-shaped gore and some side support is ideal. Smoothing sides can help push the breasts towards the centre, along with the trusty scoop method to make sure the breasts get in the bra. The wire and moulded cups will help lift and shape the breasts beautifully.

Penelope Padded Bra by Affinitas Parfait


If you have a very wide gap between your breasts, a bra with push up power and support at the sides is paramount. You also want to look for a wider centre gore and some structure in the cup. Find a perfect marriage between strong support in all areas -from under the breast to the sides and even the back- and soft comfort that is easy to wear all day in this bra. The lift will allow your breasts to be pushed closer together, helping give a more centred and even appearance.

Some women may only notice a slight separation between their breasts, perhaps only an inch or two apart. This is so common that a lot of bra makers keep this in mind when designing bras. Therefore, most bras are made to complement this type of breast separation.

Once again, finding a good, supportive bra with a little bit of push-up power is your best option when trying to bring the breasts closer together.

Sweetest Sin Push Up Bra by Blush Lingerie


For the lady with smaller breasts that are separated, this sweet bra will give the push up power necessary to support the breasts and bring them in. The cups are moulded to round out the shape as well. It also has a little bit of a plunge in the front, which is a style to consider with almost any type of spaced out breast.

If you have spaced out breasts, you may want to avoid any lax styles, like balconettes, soft cups, or wire-free bras. These styles don’t do much to control the placement of the breast, so if that’s what you’re looking for, these bras won’t cut it for you.

As many women with spaced out breasts have trouble with underwire, be sure to look for a bra that doesn’t have an underwire that extends all the way around the bottom half of the breast. There is more of a chance of the underwire digging in, which nobody wants.

Do you have any more questions about finding lingerie options for you because of spaced out breasts?

Be sure to leave us a comment with your questions or get in touch with our Bra Doctor!

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No matter how near or far your breasts are, embrace them!




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