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5 Mantras To Maintain Your New Year’s Resolutions

We’re just over a week in to 2017 and the resolutions we made are still fresh in our minds.

Are you having trouble keeping your New Year’s resolution? If you said yes, don’t feel bad! We’re here with some awesome, motivational mantras to help re-ignite your spirit!

Quote via Meathead Girly Girl

Quote via Meathead Girly Girl

It’s very easy to give up on our resolutions when they get difficult. But then we feel so lousy!

Instead, we need to cut ourselves some slack for not being perfect. Then, we need to look hard at ourselves and remember how much strength we truly have.

Remember that one time years ago when you thought “I’ll never get through this?” Well, you DID, because you are stronger than you think!

Quote via Daily Burn

Quote via Daily Burn

Every bit of change that has led to a large impact has always started because of ONE person. Whether you’re trying to make a change for yourself, or want to work to change something in your community, YOU can do it.

Believe in the strength of your convictions and envision the end result for motivation.


So many people make the resolution to get fit and healthy, but when it’s done for the wrong reasons, it hardly sticks. Telling yourself you’re fat or gross and THAT’s why you need to lose weight is WRONG and UNHEALTHY.

It’s essential to take steps to embrace how beautiful you are right now, in your present body, and be more concerned about becoming healthier on the inside.

Quote via Happy Black Woman

Quote via Happy Black Woman

Sometimes, we’re going to fail, or we’re not going to achieve what we want right away. That’s okay!

Let yourself make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. Be happy in your successes, even when they aren’t exactly what your goals were. There’s always tomorrow!

Quote via Pinterest

Quote via Pinterest

Sometimes it’s easier to use our circumstances as a fallback for why we can’t do something or improve ourselves. It’s a valid burden, but we can become so much more than what we’ve been dealt in life.

Instead of letting it hold you back, make the decision to rise above what you can’t control! You can choose to improve your health and your happiness!

Are you feeling motivated to get back to your resolutions?

Share YOUR positive thoughts and mantras in the comments below!

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Until next time, we’re going to go for a brisk walk!




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