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Weird Beauty Trends That Actually Might Work

In our many efforts to improve our health, our skin, or our bodies, some of us are willing to try some things that sound weird to see if they work.

Beauty product creators are discovering the benefits of new ingredients every day, and based on what information we could find, here are some that may be worth trying!

Note: We are obviously not science-privy and know that individual results can change from person to person!

Activated Charcoal

An assortment of activated charcoal-based products via

You’ve probably seen beauty gurus and social media ads galore with ladies brushing their teeth with black stuff, or rubbing it on their face and bodies. That’s activated charcoal!

Yes, you can cook with it, but it is also commemorated by many to be detoxifying, purifying, and helps clear skin and teeth. You can find activated charcoal in many forms – face masks, toothpaste, soap, hair cleaning products, et cetera.

I’ve personally been using a face mask and cleanser for months, and it’s improved my skin dramatically!

Snail Goo

Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream via Amazon

You know that little trail of goo snails leave behind as they saunter past you on the sidewalk? Yeah, that could help make your skin beautiful!

Snail goo has been linked to anti-aging benefits, free radical damage prevention, hydration, and generally improving the look of smooth, healthy skin.

The most popular way to utilize snail goo is with a snail cream, and we’ve seen a lot of praise for its effectiveness online!

Skin Gritting

The result of skin gritting via Rebel Circus

The name of this beauty trend is a lot more intense than it actually is – and documenting the process is just as intriguing to the internet as talking about it.

Now that people are past those black masks that rip off, showing your blackheads coming off with it, this new face washing process allows you to rub off your blackheads with your hand and see the evidence of the removal stuck to your hand.

To make it really simple (learn the specifics here), one must wash their face with an oil-based cleanser and then apply a clay face mask. Once it’s starting to dry, you wash your face again with the oil-based cleanser, and you should then be able to wipe your face with your hand and see everything that’s been cleaned off your skin.

While it’s not recommended to do this often or for those with sensitive skin, it appears to work from what we can find!

Baby Foot

How Baby Foot changes your feet via Google

When summer’s here, we all rush to get pedicures so we can rock our sandals with no dry skin showing. But they can get expensive, and for most, they are incredibly uncomfortable.

So when images of what these little booties can do to clean your feet of dead skin popped up on the internet, many were intrigued while also being grossed out. Essentially, you soak your feet, place these booties on, then go about your day, and after a couple of treatments, the dead skin will peel off easily.

Just be sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid prematurely peeling off the dead skin.

Have you tried any of these weird beauty products?

Let us know in the comments below!

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