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Sand between our toes, a cold drink in hand – we just LOVE the beach!

It’s about that time that we can start shopping for swimsuits and packing our beach bags, so we thought we’d share with you some things we think are essentials for your best summer ever at the beach!

A One-Piece Swimsuit

The one piece is the style du jour this year in swimwear, with many celebrities already boosting the trend with viral snaps of their vacations. The one piece is flattering, classically sexy, and totally reminiscent of Baywatch, which has come back in style with the latest movie.

We’re proud to carry one-pieces from Speedo, the brand of the Olympics. If you want to invest in an ahtleisure inspired, superior quality suit that’ll last you for a long time at the beach, you’ll want to try Speedo.

An Easy Summer Dress

When you want to cover up to protect your skin, or want to look cute while heading to the beach, an easy yet gorgeous dress that you can just throw on or off is perfect.

The Multi-Tie dress by Zaan is a summer essential that can be rolled into your beach bag effortlessly. You can tie it several ways so your look is always a bit different, and the summer patterns are trendy and fun!

A Wrap or Robe

Bohemian Romance Chiffon Robe by Montelle Intimates

Another cute way to sport your bathing suit with some extra coverage is a wrap that you can drape over your shoulders or belt up for a fun fashion twist.

Play into the lingerie as outerwear trend by wearing one of your lingerie pieces, like this summery Bohemian Romance robe by Montelle.

A Safe Sunscreen

Butterbean SPF30 Original Formula Sunscreen by Butter Bean Organics

Protecting that beautiful skin is a must when heading to the beach!

We found this Butterbean sunscreen when researching our latest tanning blog, and it’s one of the safest and cleanest sunscreens we found. Made with sweet ingredients for your skin like beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, you’ll be shielding your skin from the rays while nourishing it.

A Fabulous Sun Hat

Your hair, scalp, and especially your face can get just as damaged from the sun as your body, so covering those up are also important.

The latest trend in summer headwear is an oversized hat with a cheeky saying. You’ve probably seen Eugenia Kim styles all over Pinterest, but if you can’t afford that kind of splurge, Amazon also has some cute ones for a steal.


Many neglect to eat or drink enough water at the beach; often because they’re spending too much time in the sun and start to feel sick without even realizing it.

Ditch the plastic and pack a couple water bottles in a stylish bottle that will also keep your water cool for hours, and consider some nutritional snacks or fruit and veggies filled with great water content.

What other essentials do you bring to the beach?

Share with us in the comments below!

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