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Your breasts are some of your best assets, but do you treat them as such?

Many ladies look at their breasts as just things, and they don’t get used unless you breastfeed. But as a huge proponent of your health, they deserve some love!

Here’s how to take care of your breasts so they take care of you.

Get A Bra Fitting

And don’t just get one; get lots.

Our breasts change size and shape throughout our life, and so we need to be sure we’re getting fitted every six months or so. You can even do it in the comfort of your own home!

Wearing the right size bra does so much for your breast health and day to day comfort. Don’t neglect this!

Go Wire-Free

Wire-free bras are a blessing to women, especially because you don’t have to lose any support while wearing them.

If you feel like underwired bras just don’t feel good (they should most times if they fit right), consider bringing a wire-free bra into the mix. This could be any sexy style or even a fabulous sports bra! It gives your girls a little bit of a break without sacrificing lift and support.



You may not think to put on sunscreen when you’re not out on the beach, but the sun can always cause damage.

So if you have any aspect of your chest exposed, you should be putting some sunscreen on them. The skin in your chest area is thin and sensitive, and prone to getting burned. Plus, it’ll help reduce any spots or scars from the sun.


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If your breasts tend to sweat, chances are, it’ll lead to breakouts. They can be unsightly and uncomfortable, so they should be treated just as your face is.

Look for a moisturizer and exfoliator for the body and consider doing a treatment once a week with the exfoliator. It can help eliminate dead skin and refresh the skin, whether you’re showing it off or not.

Massage and Exam

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It may sound silly, but your breasts could benefit from a good massage or two. Let’s face it; they can hurt sometimes. When you’re laying in bed or relaxing in the bath, take a couple minutes to show your girls some love. While you’re at it, do a quick little exam both visually and with your hands to ensure that nothing has changed.

What are some ways you show your body some love?

Let us know in the comments below!

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