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Changes In Women’s Health You Should Know

We’re not the only ones who promised to take care of our health in 2017, right?

We didn’t think so! In our efforts to practice self-care, we’ve been searching for new trends or breakthroughs in women’s health. Some of these are very promising and we really wanted to share them with you!

Disclaimer: We are not endorsing any of these as perfect science; we are simply sharing them with hopes that these new developments will successfully help women take charge of their health!

Self-Testing for HPV

It’s uncomfortable going to the doctor’s sometimes, so in this case, you may not have to. Photo via Google

No one likes to talk about it, but it’s crucial to talk about STDs and getting tested regularly. Because HPV can cause cervical cancer, we need to get ourselves tested ladies, even if we think we’re safe!

If going to the OB-GYN makes you nervous, there are self-testing kits that you can use, mail to your doctor, and get your results from. They’ve been around for a while, but it looks like this year, they could become more widespread.

Mood Boosting For Women, Not Just Men!

Women don’t talk about sexual drive issues as much as they should! Photo via Gifts & Miracles

Many women experience dips in their sex drive for unavoidable reasons, but there isn’t much available to aid in that. There’s only been medication for men!

Not anymore! In 2015, a drug for women was created, and it’s predicted that this year, more pharmacies will have it approved and available.

Endometriosis and Fertility

For women living with endometriosis, getting answers about her fertility are becoming easier. Photo via Dreamstime

Endometriosis is a common condition many women suffer from, but in silence because up until recently, nobody talked about it. One of the most devastating effects of endometriosis can be fertility issues.

However, there is new genetic screening being used now to help women learn more about their fertility if they are suffering from this painful condition.

New Breast Cancer Testing Developments

Mammograms are still important, but there may be something else you can do to know your risk. Image via Dupage Medical Group

Many of us only know of mammograms as being the only way to detect breast cancer. Well, more doctors are concerned about mammograms leading to wrong diagnoses or over diagnoses.

This isn’t good news, and it’s not necessarily saying that mammograms are bad – but doctors have come to learn that genetic testing may be the new thing to explore to help diagnose breast cancer or other conditions properly and more accurately.

Hopefully we’ll see this testing come to light soon!

Do any of these new developments in women’s health affect you personally?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Until next time, we’re making a doctor’s appointment!




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