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Five Hashtags To Empower Women

Social media has been used as a medium to connect with others immediately and inexpensively, usually for social and personal purposes. Then, businesses decided to transform it into a free advertising mechanism, reaching potential customers without limit or restraints (we do it!). Now, societal movements and prominent causes are holding the reins of social media, where people can lend a voice to things they care about and reach an incredible amount of people. Hashtag activism is a modern tool for stating what one believes in, or ideologies they support, taking selfies or the common tweet to new heights. Here are five hashtags to empower women.



Image via PR Week

Who knows more about the tactics used to sell products than advertisement agencies? Badger & Winters, knowing too well how women are exploited unnecessarily in ads, decided to go against the status quo of their industry and start a hashtag campaign against this. One of the fabulous women behind this campaign shared with PR Week that she’s hoping to be a catalyst of change against old ideas in advertising where products are pushed by making people feel bad about themselves.



Image via Mashable

The #ImFlattered hashtag campaign has been making a lot of buzz lately. It’s a symbol of a greater fight against old fashion and style ideals that dictate what a woman should wear based on her body type. Clothing brand Smart Glamour, who offers clothing in a great range of sizes, is hoping to help women reclaim what’s typically flattering by making the definition of that term more “flattering” to their own ideals instead of others’.


Image via Marie Claire

Image via Marie Claire

Many of us can remember when the thigh gap trend was all over social media, shaming women without them. This fabulously empowering movement is encouraging women to share photos of their bare legs from a personal perspective, in an ode to what pretty much every woman has (without photoshop); lines, stretch marks, dimples, cellulite, and more. It’s sparked a lot of response of women proudly sharing pictures of their gorgeous stems, “flaws” and all.



Image via Daily Mail

When we’re having a good hair day, or are loving are makeup, we usually take selfies, right? Well, this hashtag, created by two beautiful Instagram “queens” Mina and Dounia, invite social media users to add the hashtag #MyFavouritePictureOfMe to encourage women to celebrate themselves and feel okay with being proud of how they look. It’s part of a greater feminist movement to change negative body image trends into positive ones.


Starlet Seamless Moulded T-Shirt Bra by Curvy Kate

Starlet Seamless Moulded T-Shirt Bra by Curvy Kate

This hashtag is one that’s used sometimes, and isn’t trending, but one we love. We love it because it’s an all-inclusive hashtag that every single person, regardless of gender or body type, can participate in. These movements may sometimes uplift certain types of people that have been marginalized or persecuted, but are a small gear in an even bigger wheel that will lead to everyone loving who they are.

Which hashtag are you going to add to your next selfie? Let us know in the comments below, or start a conversation with us (#ShopNTL) on Facebook and Twitter. Pin the selfies that inspire you and follow us for more, and learn some great tips and tricks for how lingerie can help empower you on our YouTube channel.



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