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5 Tips for a Happy Heart

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There’s been a lot of new research emerging regarding new trends in women’s heart health that can teach us how to keep our hearts in good shape. We are all familiar with certain tips to maintain heart health; don’t smoke, exercise, eat nutritious food, and control weight. With heart disease being one of the most prominent causes of death in women, it’s important for us to learn about how we can nurture our hearts and keep them healthy. While these are important things to remember, here are some very simple tips that’ll have you enjoying taking a proactive stand against heart disease in your life.

#1: Know Your Heart

Image via Google Images

Image via Google Images

Don’t wait for physical discomfort to talk to your doctor about your heart. A lot of heart issues can be silent. Book yourself a doctor’s appointment to talk about your heart, and learn about all of your levels, such as good/bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. Then, your doctor can help you prepare a plan to keep your heart in shape that’s tailored to YOU.

#2: Go Nuts!

Image via Mother Jones

Image via Mother Jones

Various nuts, particularly walnuts and pistachios, contain plant sterols, which help diminish bad cholesterols with even the smallest intake. If you can integrate 2-3 grams of plant sterols a day into your diet, you can decrease your bad cholesterol by 6-15%. Nuts also contain Omega-3 acids, which can reduce inflammation in the arteries, while also giving us healthy fats. If you’re allergic to nuts, you can look to vegetables and unrefined oils for plant sterols.

#3: Enjoy that Glass of Wine

Image via Giphy

Image via Giphy

It’s absolutely imperative to understand that the benefits of alcohol for your heart completely diminish when you consume large amounts. That being said, when you enjoy a small glass of red wine four to six times a week, it can help increase levels of good cholesterol, and the polyphenols help maintain the strength of blood vessels in the heart. There are also studies that suggest that beer and liquor have similar effects, but when enjoyed in moderation.

#4: Laugh!

Image via Soda Head

Image via Soda Head

We don’t all get enough laughter in our lives, but it’s important for us to make time for laughter. It’s such a simple activity with benefits that can mirror the effects of aerobic activity. Laughing can also help bring down our stress levels, the latter of which is poison for our heart and our body. It’s also suggested that when we laugh, endorphins are released in our bodies, which makes us feel good and happy.

#5: Make Intimacy a Priority

You don’t have to be in a relationship to experience the benefits of intimacy. The power of the human touch is stronger than we realize, and can do wonders for reducing our stress levels. If you’re single, consider hugging your friends or loved ones more. If you’re with someone, consider making more time for intimacy; whatever that means to you. It nurtures human connection, which keeps our hearts happy.

How are you going to be proactive about your heart health?

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