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Lingerie You Shouldn’t Travel Without

Being a savvy packer is difficult, especially when you’re traveling for a week or longer. You want to maximize the space in your suitcase to avoid extra charges or having to carry extra bags. But when it comes to lingerie, you can’t get away with packing just one lingerie set. And the lingerie you do bring can get squished, rumpled, and ultimately destroyed. Here’s how to pack light and preserve your undergarments while you’re on vacay.

Pack the RIGHT Bras

Sports Cotton Padded Bra by Naturana Lingerie

Packing every single bra you own is not practical, so consider the most versatile bra styles that can be used for multiple outfits. Consider bringing a sports bra, such as the Sports Cotton Padded Sports Bra by Naturana Lingerie, for any of your physical activities, or just for a comfy day. A sports bra will keep you comfortable and is specially designed to support your breasts.

To A Tee™ 2-Ply Underwire Bra by Olga Lingerie

A lightweight, light coloured T-shirt bra is a fantastic essential to bring on your travels, as they are seamless, even under sheer tops and casual tees. Try the To A Tee™ 2-Ply Underwire Bra by Olga Lingerie, built with moulded underwire cups, support slings, and inner foam in the straps, for a feeling of comfort and ease throughout the day.

Strapless Multi-Way Strapless Bra by Montelle Lingerie

Consider a convertible bra, like the Strapless Multi-Way Strapless Bra by Montelle Lingerie that can be transformed into a multitude of styles. You’ll have a bra for your entire travel wardrobe! Wear it strapless, halter style, cross-back, one strap, and two strap. This bra also offers great lift, even when worn without straps.

Bra Travel Bag

Bra Bags via the Brag Company

Allowing your bras to lay loose in your suitcase can run the risk of hooks getting caught onto your clothing or ripping open bags. Your bras can also get torn and damaged easily by getting caught onto other items, especially if they’re made with delicate materials like lace. There are countless adorable options for travel bags that protect your bras, and it’s important to invest in some for your travels to avoid damage. You can find the original Brag Bra Bags– those adorable cases that are shaped like bras – on their website.

Coordinate Panties with Travel Wardrobe

From Left: High Waisted Tummy Taming Shaping Thong by Body Hush; Invisibles Low Rise Hipster by Elita Lingerie

Before deciding on what undies you need and throwing your entire panty drawer into your suitcase, ensure that you have the appropriate styles for every outfit you are packing. After you have designated a panty for each outfit, that’s when you consider a few extra pairs for emergencies or peace of mind (and always pack one with you in your carry on – you never know!). It’s never a bad idea to pack more panties than you need – they don’t take up much space anyway. Seamless panties, like the High-Waisted Tummy Taming Shaping Thong by Body Hush are great options for a variety of outfits, and this particular pair is built with slimming technology for your most form-fitting dresses and skirts. Breathable bamboo panties with natural fibres that absorb moisture are also important, such as the Invisibles Low Rise Hipster by Elita Lingerie.

Panty Travel Bag

While panties are easy to ball up and throw into your suitcase, there are travel bags available to help condense your pile and keep them organized. For example, there’s the Danielle Enterprises Wear Me Wash Me Lingerie Travel Bag with two compartments; one for panties that are clear to wear, and one for worn panties that need to be washed. A bag like this eliminates the confusion of what panties you have already worn on your trip when they are all piled into the corner of your suitcase.

Do you have any savvy travel tips to share?

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  • Jean

    I travel for vacations and for meetings but I have never used a bra bag to protect my bra. I have a curvy body shape and normally use thin padded bras and avoid thick push up bras because I do not want to over emphasized my top body part. Since it is advisable to use a bra travel bag, I wonder is it ok not to use it while travelling as I have never encountered problem with my bras without a bra travel bag.

  • admin

    Bra travel bags are fun, but there are of course some tricks to pack your bras in your suitcase without a travel bag. I sometimes put my socks in the bra cups to and pack soft clothing around it and make sure not to squish it in the suitcase.

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