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The Bachelorette Party

Believe it or not the ‘Bachelorette’ or ‘Hen’ Party is a centuries old event – historically it was a small gathering of family members of the bride-to-be the night before her wedding. It evolved from a tradition that was quite common in the 1600’s when the bride would spend the night going over the contents of her dowry (or ‘bottom drawer’). Bridal Showers also evolved from this as a way to help brides boost their dowries, typically where essential household gifts or money was given.

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Today’s version of this milestone was inspired by the sexual revolution that women started to enjoy back in the 1960’s as an expression of their sexual freedom and equality. Back then it was a tame affair; a simple dinner with close friends and relatives, maybe a bit of shopping or just going for coffee. By the 1980’s this demure type of bachelorette party was overtaken by pre-wedding revelry . Girls began to adopt the style of the men’s Stag Party and they wanted to have fun! Today the bachelorette party is a firm pre-nuptial tradition. Whether a themed party, an evening of debauchery or an organized vacation – it’s become a huge business with lots of options available, so here are some interesting themes I’ve come across:

Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa organized her a ‘Dirty Dancing’ themed hen night at the family home in England, apparently Kate’s mother is a huge fan, they followed this up with a night on the town.

Host a movie night with lots of back to back chick flicks, hand out swag bags to guests brimming with sexy lingerie, candies, sexy soaps and cosmetics.

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A cake decorating evening where you make and customize your own cakes, use naughty cake pans and encourage the girls to get creative with colorful icing!

Head to Vegas and spend a few days in Sin City, gamble, drink and recreate your own version of ‘The Hangover’, ladies style.

Pamper Parties – some kind of spa treatment or spa weekend. Drink champagne in the hot tub, girl talk in the sauna, boozy dinners and pyjama parties. And if you can’t get everyone out of town then mobile spas will do manicures, hairstyles and spray tans in the comfort of your own home.

Life drawing – popular with creative types – organize a life drawing class using a male nude model, add cheese and wine.

Mix ‘cocktail cupcakes’ – has lots of gorgeous receipes

Learn to dance like Michael Jackson, learn and perform Thriller or any other classic dance routine with you friends, assisted by dance teaching professionals – very useful for showing off at the wedding!

Dress ridiculous – host an ‘Ugly Dress Evening’ – have everyone dress in either an old, unflattering  bridesmaid dress or choose something awful from their closet and then go out on the town . Don’t forget the hair and make-up and have fun picking out accessories too!

Just about anything can pass as a bachelorette party nowadays, so just make sure to spend lots of time with the bride, look after her and have lots of fun!




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