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Using Bras For Good

Bras are beautiful and give us the support we need – but they are also charitable!

Many different causes have used bras as a catalyst for important statements and charitable endeavours.

Here are just a few we’ve found to inspire you!
Showing Off Your Bra

Image via Northern Pen

A couple of ladies used International Women’s Day to make a colorful statement to remember their dear friend that they lost to breast cancer.

With donations and savvy thrift shopping, the women displayed 60 bras for each year of their friend’s life on a clothesline in order to create a conversation about breast cancer.

We think this idea can really catch on! Read more about it here.
The Cupid’s Undie Run

Image via Canoe

There’s an annual run for essentially everything, but how light-hearted and fun is this?!

In Philadelphia, there’s a run called the Cupid’s Undie Run, where participants take a jog in their underwear and bras to raise money for a children’s charity.

Other cities have done this as well, and hopefully this will catch on in more places!


Free The Girls Making Business Out of Bras

Image via Free The Girls

Have you bought a bra that just doesn’t fit right, or maybe you’ve grown out of a bra you’ve hardly worn?

Free The Girls will take these bras off your hands to help women who have survived sex trafficking sell them second-hand.

This is a budding business model in many areas of the world, and just a few of your gently used bras can make a dramatic difference for these survivors.

So look for a local women’s organizations that may want your gently used bras before you throw them away.

Do you donate your gently used bras?

Share with us in the comments below!

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