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Underwear Tips for Men

Men’s underwear seems like a cakewalk compared to some of the things designed for women, but that’s so not true!

Men can experience issues with their underwear that can be easily avoided with a tip or two – and as you know, we’re always full of great tips!

So because we also cater to men on ShopNTL, we have a few things to share for men so they know more about what options they have for the best underwear for their lifestyle.

Intense Power Cotton Hip Brief by Calvin Klein

Intense Power Cotton Hip Brief by Calvin Klein

The most popular styles of underwear for men are boxers, briefs, or a combination of both: boxer briefs. These are all very comfortable options that come in several interpretations, allowing men to have just as much fun in their underwear as women do! There are also trunks, which are a bit like a boxer brief but not as tight.

As men’s lingerie becomes more prominent, there are more styles being added to the mix. There are thongs, bikinis, and hip briefs for the more adventurous man. For now, we’re going to discuss styles available on ShopNTL.

Body Modal Boxer Brief by Calvin Klein Lingerie

Body Modal Boxer Brief by Calvin Klein Lingerie

A brief or a boxer brief seems to be the most comfortable and common option for men, being perfect for almost any occasion. They tend to be more form-fitting, and so they sit very well under different types of clothing. The form fitting nature means you’re supported, and sometimes even lifted, while having the ability to move freely and breathe. This is why material choice is so important for men’s underwear; advances in breathable, cooling materials that absorb moisture make wearing these tight-fitting underwear styles a breeze.

Micromodal Cotton Trunk by Natmen

Micromodal Cotton Trunk by Natmen

A trunk is a mixture between a boxer brief and a boxer. It’s different than both styles in that the legs tend to be shorter and they are made in a more form fitting silhouette. As briefs or boxer briefs do, they are easy to wear under almost everything and, if they fit right, are incredibly comfortable to wear all day.

A boxer is more of a loose short style of underwear, being very relaxed with excess fabric. Boxers tend not to be very supportive, but they are quite breathable and very comfortable for casual wear. There are different fits when it comes to boxers – some designers are making more slim fit boxers that won’t bunch up when you pull up your pants.

Ck One Cotton Boxer Brief by Calvin Klein

Ck One Cotton Boxer Brief by Calvin Klein

Some of the most common underwear problems men complain about are constricting waistbands, sweat build-up, or tightness in the crotch. Any constricting action from your underwear is not only avoidable, but isn’t good for your health either.

If a waist band feels like it’s digging in, it’s either because the fit is too small or because of cheap elastic. Men can create unwanted lumps and bumps as well with ill-fitting underwear. Consider going up a size or trying a more relaxed fit. More and more underwear is being made with lycra or different stretch materials that flow with your body more than elastic does, so be sure to read the labels before you buy.

Trunks by Natmen

Trunks by Natmen

If you work out or just naturally sweat, you may notice that as the day goes on, sweat builds up and feels uncomfortable. This can lead to wetness, chafing between the legs, and irritation. Consider an underwear made of bamboo or modal; there are many options on ShopNTL. These materials tend to absorb more moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable regardless of your activity level.

It’s essential for a man not to mistake tightness in the crotch for support. Not only is it an unnecessary discomfort, but it can constrict the anatomy, which can have negative impacts. That’s why there are different options for flies in underwear – one can have an open fly in a supportive underwear that allows for air flow, or no fly, which tends to result in a more relaxed fit in the crotch.

Ck One Cotton 2-Pack Short Sleeve V-neck by Calvin Klein

Ck One Cotton 2-Pack Short Sleeve V-neck by Calvin Klein

Undershirts are part of most men’s underwear wardrobes, or at least we hope so! They are great layering pieces, but many men won’t splurge on the quality ones that will last them a long time. For a lot of men, working a physical job or being dapper in a suit all day means lots of sweat, and over time, undershirts will appear yellow under the armpits and will break down.

So what’s the solution? For most, especially with white shirts, it’s bleach. However, it’s MUCH more effective to hang dry them, or even line dry them if that’s an option. The hot dryer sort of acts like a lock-in mechanism for all the stains, and bleach will break down the undershirt further.

For all the men reading: do YOU have any specific questions regarding men’s underwear that you want us to answer?

Be sure to leave a comment and our Bra Doctor will help you!

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  • sebastien

    i really don’t like the slip underwear because is simply not comfortable. I am more trunk guy:) i always thought cotton is the most comfortable fabric but i would like to know are there any other solution? Tnx

  • Abram Jule

    Nice Blog. This is very useful. With the development of mens underwear industry many new varieties of mens underwear are being introduced which is both supportive and comfortable as well as erotic at the same time. I have tried mens underwear style from and it was a great feeling of heaving them both in terms of comfort and support.

  • admin

    Hello Abram,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with lingerie. We’re glad you found some options that work for you, and we hope more brands follow suit so that we can make lingerie for everyone more accessible.

    – The NTL Team

  • admin

    Hello there,

    Thank you for your comment! We’re happy you liked the post.


  • Maria Deep

    Amazing Post. Thank you for such an amazing post. A guide to mens underwear is very important as it is not an easy task to select the best Mens Underwear out. I love wearing new varieties of Mens Underwear and it is really difficult to select the best mens underwear out.

  • admin

    Hello Maria,

    We’re so happy we could be of service to help with men’s underwear!


  • JudaJames

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips for men. It is very tricky to select perfect underwear for men. Every man should know these tips because it helps to make your personality more fashionable.

  • pistol pete

    I really like these tips and I am not really a big fan of men’s boxer brief but I must say that it is very comfortable to wear and it is supportive of my underneath assets. I used to wear it when I am getting relaxed and usually at home.

  • Ethan

    I like your tips and the way you share such a useful content. I also like to wear the mens boxer brief, mens brief these are my favorite underwear styles nowadays. Mens underwear style is supportive.And i also like to wear the covermale brand brief because they are comfortable and fabric is nice. When i wear the brief i feel relaxed and no skin chafing and irritation.

  • admin

    Hello Pete!

    We are happy you enjoyed our tips! We’ll be sure to keep them up for you!


  • admin

    Hello Ethan!

    Thank you for reading our blogs; we’re happy you enjoy our content. Men’s underwear is something we love to talk about and will be sure to keep it up.


  • Daniel Alexander

    This blog is really good. I think that there are many small points that we did not know about underwear. I really like the way you provide mens underwear for men. Please also post a blog like this in the future.

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    so well written blog , saved to my bookmarks.

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  • Lewis Frank

    Thanks for sharing these types of underwear tips. The information provided by your side is very useful and my favorite underwear is jockstrap because it is both supportive and comfortable as well as erotic at the same time.

  • admin

    Hello Lewis,

    We’re so happy you enjoyed this post! We hope you keep reading. 🙂


  • Lucas baker

    A basic, yet very important, piece of clothing that many people wear every day. Just like anything, everyone has a preference to what they like to wear and what is most comfortable to them. Most clothing looks different depending on the person’s body type, and men’s sexy underwear is absolutely no different.

  • james

    I like your blog. Thanks for sharing these types of underwear tips. I love to read about the mens underwear style. You blog is so informative, i love the mens thong underwear style. I also read about the mens underwear style at

  • admin

    Hello James,

    Thank you for your comment! We hope you keep reading and learning!


  • Scott

    This is a good article. I would love to hear your recommendations for men who prefer to wear women’s underwear/panties. Especially discussing styles and fabrics.

  • Junk UnderJeans

    Awesome discussion of the choices in mens underwear that we have today. This and the cutting edge, high tech fabrics have revolutionized mens underwear — not to mention comfort!

  • admin

    Hello! We are so happy you enjoyed this blog. 🙂


  • Jeff Morgan

    The fashion is trending and the same is going on with the men’s underwear where you can explore multiple underwear styles. However, Even I also got few tips from this blog only. Hence, I would appreciate the effort of the author and please everyone to visit this blog once for a in-depth guide.

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