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Mother’s Day Gifts For Different Moms

Every mom is a superwoman, a fighter, a hard worker, and an inspiration – but not all moms are at the same stage in their journey. 

So for this coming Mother’s Day, we’ve come up with some special gift ideas for the different types of moms you may be shopping for!

The Busy Body Mom

Zumba is so fun! Via

This is the mom who loves to be active and is constantly on the go!

For her, we recommend getting her something that lets her nurture her active side doing something for herself. Get her a certificate or a few classes of Zumba, or a quirky special yoga class available in your area! You can do it with her too, giving her much needed girl time.

The Expectant First-Time Mom

Pretty much what trying to clean as a new mom feels like. Via News Thump

This one is obvious – this is the mom who’s currently carrying her first child!

The road to becoming a mother can be scary for many first-time moms, and she needs all the support she can get. Why not help her out buy getting her a house cleaning service, or even offer to do it yourself? Once the baby comes, it’ll be the last thing she’ll want to do.

Soon-to-be moms will also want a comfy bra that still makes her feel beautiful and supported, but is also functional for when she gives birth. Try grabbing her a nursing bra she can use when the baby comes, or even a wire-free option to reduce her discomfort now.

The Mom Who’s Also Your Best Friend

Mom and Daughter Friendship Bracelets via Little Name Pieces on Etsy

Many of us who were close with our moms as kids grow up to regard them as our friends. You don’t need a family obligation to spend some quality time with her!

Show your mom how much her friendship means to you with friendship bracelets. Remember getting these with your besties as kids?

There are endless personable options on Etsy, and your mother’s heart will feel so blessed to see how much you value her as a friend.

The Tired, Selfless Mom

Putting together a DIY Spa Day is pretty easy! Via SheKnows

This is the mom who will do anything for her kids and everyone else in her life, regardless of what SHE needs. She often never asks for help or takes time to unwind.

The spa gift certificate may seem cliche, but it’s so important for moms to have “me time” and get pampered up. Make her gift of relaxation even more special by planning a DIY Spa Day, so both of you can enjoy pampering and self-indulgence together!


What’s even better – put together the package with a new luscious robe that she can wear during all of your pampering!

The Juggler Mom

Find printable coupons on Pinterest for your juggler mom to redeem!

This is the mom who works, takes care of her kids, brings them to every soccer practice or dance lesson, cooks, cleans, maintains the garden, and the list goes on. She’s the mom who makes you say “I don’t know how she does it.”

Chances are, she could use more help than she’ll ever admit to. Create a little booklet of Mother’s Day coupons that she can redeem at any time when she needs a little bit of help – and Pinterest makes doing this super easy!

The Single Mom

Find one thing to take a little bit of the load off her shoulders, like Blue Apron food service!

This is the mom who has taken on the world on her own, caring for you and doing everything she can to be two parents. She’s strong, she’s persevered, and she’s amazing.

The best gift you can give her would be something that could help take part of the load off her. Perhaps offer to babysit once a month overnight so she can do something fun for herself.

If you want to get her something tangible, try a subscription service, like Blue Apron that’ll send her food, that will take the hassle out of one consistent part of her day.

The Mom Who Needs A Reminder She’s Sexy

With the hectic life of a mom, it’s harder for her to remember that she’s a beautiful, sexy, lovely woman who deserves to feel that way! Help your mama or mama friend spice things up for herself or with her partner with a chemise that’ll showcase how rocking she still is!

Try something with a little bit of lace or a cute little set – the options are endless!

What was the most memorable Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received/given?

Share with us in the comments below!

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