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For a lot of us, we can only dream of building a custom IKEA wardrobe to fill our closet full of our favorite things.

But can you imagine having access to some of your favorite celebrity’s closets!? Not only do they have access to clothing we can only dream of, but they have the ability to hire closet organizers to create storage just as beautiful as their fashion sense.

So if you’re looking to makeover your closet, or just simply love coveting the style of the stars like we do, here are some celebrity closets we think are major #Goals.

Olivia Palermo

via Style Caster

We’re not surprised that Olivia Palermo’s closet is as gorgeous as it is. I mean, she even has vases of flowers and a fireplace! It looks like she has a whole room dedicated to her amazing sense of style, touched with little accents of her decor taste.

Also, if you want a closet inspired by a celebrity on the cheap, just buy a zebra print rug – everyone seems to have one.

Khloe Kardashian

via People Style

Khloe Kardashian has CLOSETS (plural) that are probably some of the most beautifully organized we’ve ever seen. Khloe is so organized, in fact, that she created an app and a YouTube channel to help you organize your life like hers.

The image above is just her closet area for her workout clothes – can you imagine!? We know the girl loves to exercise, so we shouldn’t be that surprised that she has her athleisure organized as amazingly as this.

PS: We also read that there’s a fridge in this closet …

Christina Aguilera

via In Style

Can you imagine needing a ladder to access all your shoes?

Not only does this closet come with a glam space for Christina to get all made up, but she has everything organized by designer. And those pink shelves? Truly perfect for a fashionista diva like Christina Aguilera.

Lauren Conrad

via Daily Mail

Lauren Conrad has come a long way from her tiny apartment on The Hills.

Although this is no longer Lauren’s closet as she’s moved (we can only imagine what her closet looks like now), we have to feature how beautiful this one was. There were glass doors keeping her incredible wardrobe on full display like a china cabinet, and she also had the ever-popular zebra rug in her closet. Each section had shelves for shoes as well and was beautifully illuminated with lights.

Our question is – how could she say goodbye to this beautiful dream closet?!

Whitney Port

via Apartment Therapy

Here’s another Hills alum turned fashion designer and street style favorite who has an enviable closet.

Whitney’s inspiration to decorate her closet with wallpaper to make it pop was absolutely genius. Why should a closet only be a space to store clothes?

It also appears that she has her eclectic wardrobe color coordinated and organized by garment type. We could only wish we could maintain that level of organization.

Miranda Kerr

via Cyber Breeze

Of course one of the most famous supermodels in the world would have a stunning closet.

The beautiful room is decorated with stunning furniture, sexy lingerie on full display, and especially stylized shelving that looks more like a boutique than a closet. We’d love to take a peek in the drawers to see what other beautiful items she’s collected over her career.

Which one of these celebrity closets do you wish you could have?

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Until next time, we’re going to clean our closets!




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