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Underwear For That Time Of The Month

You know what we mean by that time of the month …. for some, it’s just kind of inconvenient. For others, it’s pain and bloat and uncomfortable and awful. 

No matter what your periods are like, there’s no denying that having proper underwear makes for a small improvement in your overall comfort. You don’t want to ruin your pretty little delicates, and you also don’t want any irritation or digging or tightness. 

Here’s some underwear for that time of the month, no matter if you wear pads, tampons, cups, or a combination. 

We promise they won’t all be granny panties!

Seamless Microfiber Brief (2 Pack) by Naturana

Seamless panties are nice for periods because the last thing you want is panty lines. 

Plus, this panty contours to your body ever-so-lightly, so you’re not dealing with tightness. The microfiber is also breathable and stretchy.

Fleur’t Iconic Lace Micro Modal High Waist Boyshort Panty

This pair of underwear is a combination of things that are great for your period; micromodal, a high waist cut, and a boyshort style. 

You get coverage with some cuteness in the nice shape with a touch of lace, plus the fabric is soft, durable, and lightweight. 

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton & Modal Boyshort Panty

You know this famous pair of underwear well, and they’re popular for a reason; they are so comfortable!

The stretch and the cotton material means all day, you’ll feel at least some relief that your underwear isn’t adding to your discomfort.

Parfait Dalis Modal Mid Rise Hipster 

When you can have a panty that makes you feel comfortable and looks pretty, wouldn’t you prefer that?

This cozy pair feels super soft and stretchy giving your day a little more flexibility.

Montelle Full Coverage Smoothing Brief

A smoothing brief can be nice for those days where bloat has you feeling not-so-great. 

The full coverage also helps you feel a bit more secure, no matter what menstrual product you use. There is a little bit of elastic, but it’s stretchy enough that it won’t dig in. 

Elita Bamboo Hi-Cut Brief

Bamboo is a soft and breathable option to have on hand during your period, as it also helps handle moisture and bacteria build-up. 

This style is cute with a fun pattern option or neutral options, and the high cut is very flattering. 

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you during your time of the month?

Share with us in the comments below!

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