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At Now That’s Lingerie, we don’t only want to provide you the best lingerie ever, we also want to help you feel sexy, beautiful, and confident, no matter who you are.


We think so, too Emma. | via Giphy

In honor of you, and our mission to foster body positivity, we wanted to dig out these body positive blogs posts for you to read. Share this post with your friends who could use a confidence boost (and maybe some new lingerie)!

Do You Really Need Shapewear?

This blog post talks all about shapewear, which we think is a healthy accessory to make you feel confident when you need a little support. Because hey, why not have that brownie or skip that workout you’re too tired to go to once in a while?

Why Women Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Breastfeeding In Public

Part of a body positive future means getting rid of these outdated ideas about bodies.

That includes no longer making women feel any type of way about feeding their child!

It’s okay to not be positive all the time! | via Shape


Women Who Have Revolutionized The Lingerie Industry

Because women empowering women is the best!

Common Bra Fitting Problems And Solutions

Our Bra Doctor is all about helping women feel beautiful and confident in their bodies through her very extensive knowledge and experience.

Body positivity isn’t just for women. | via Buzzfeed


Coming To Terms With Your Bra Size

Here’s where I share my personal struggle with body confidence.

Nurture Your Nature! How To Fix Uneven Breasts

One of our most popular posts ever. Most women have uneven breasts, and they can be “fixed” with some tips and no surgery (unless that’s what you want; no shame).

The Paradigm Of Aging And Lingerie

Why should age dictate that you shouldn’t care about lingerie, or shouldn’t feel hot and gorgeous in it?

Yes queen! | via Pinterest


Love Yourself: Love Handles Edition

We did a Love Yourself series last year that focused on all of the body parts women tend to be insecure about, and focused on why they are beautiful and should be embraced.

Lingerie To Wear When You’re PMSing

We just want to give you options for everything!

What has been the biggest body positive inspiration you’ve experienced this year?

Do you have any suggestions for body positive issues we can tackle on the Bra Doctor’s Blog?

Please share with us in the comments!

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