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Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Whenever Mother’s Day comes around, I want to make my Mom feel extra spoiled with love and attention. That’s not to say that I spend the rest of the year without these sentimental gestures! I always tell her how much I love her and how much I appreciate what she has done for me, and still continues to do for me, including offering her unconditional love and support, which is priceless.

So what to do for her this year?

Here are my Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your Mom!

The Spa Treatment

Girls Spa Day Mother's Day Gift Ideas Top 10 | Now That's Lingerie

She works hard and deserves to be pampered (and so do you!). Treat her to a massage, mani/pedi, facial or mud bath at a local spa, or make your own face masks and do each others’ nails! In some cities you can also probably find a person who can come to her house to offer those treatments (which can be a fun surprise for her if you live far away and can’t be there in person).

A Decadent Dining Experience

A Decadent Dining Experience | | Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Now That's Lingerie

I know my Mom always loves it when we cook her a nice meal, because she usually cooks for everyone else. We’re not as skilled as she in the kitchen, but we make do by cooking up all of her favorite dishes and desserts. If you are one of those daughters who is less culinary-inclined, dinner at her favorite restaurant will also probably score you some brownie points.

A Symbol of Modernity

Moms always seem to want to feel like they are with the times, rather than behind them. Keep her looking and feeling fresh with a bold statement piece like a trendy leather handbag. She can mix and match with anything in her wardrobe and it will be a conversation piece with her girlfriends.

Left to right: Handbags by Christopher Kon 1372 Zenith Classic Leather Satchel | 2071 Chelsea Leather Hobo Bag | 3038 Zenith Large Leather Satchel With Cross Body | Styles available at Now That’s Lingerie

Something Indulgent

Sometimes, we want things we don’t really need, and won’t buy for ourselves because we can’t justify the expense. Why not try getting her a soft and feminine chemise in her favorite color and fabric?

From left to right: 9194 Lace and Microfiber Chemise by Montelle Intimates | 6218 Sheer Enticement Pleated Chiffon Babydoll And Thong Set by Dreamgirl | 8740 Awaken Desires Chiffon Kimono Robe And Cheeky Panty Set by Dreamgirl | Styles available at Now That’s Lingerie

A Girls’ Getaway

Take Mom out for a day and/or night of fun, just the girls! Try a wine and cheese at a local vineyard, checking out one of the museum’s new exhibits or galleries, or getting you both tickets to the theatre, ballet or opera. Offer her a way to enjoy something she loves and doesn’t usually have an opportunity to do.

Something Luxurious

Not all of us can afford to spring for jewelry, but in the more affordable range is something that feels luxurious and that she can wear… Think a pair of silk pajamas or a satin robe or chemise.

Shown: 8461 To Have And To Hold Charmeuse Satin & Lace Chemise With Low Back by Dreamgirl | Available at Now That’s Lingerie

Something Practical

Finding her something fabulous is not always easy, especially if your Mom is a tough customer on the gift front. So keep it simple. Just think of what she may need, something she’s complained about not having but never got it for herself. Does she need a way to tote her yoga mat hands-free? Get her this convenient and versatile yoga bag by Christopher Kon. Does she always have sore shoulders from where her bra straps are digging in? Get her these amazing silicone shoulder cushions by Fashion Essentials (she’ll wonder why she’s never known about it before!). Do her bras always get snagged in the wash? Offer her a mesh lingerie wash bag, or a specialized Bra Saver wash bag, to keep her underwires from popping out of her bras and extending their shelf life.

Left to right: 1249 Co Lab Active Yoga Bag by Co-Lab By Christopher Kon | Flaunt Silicone Shoulder Cushions by Fashion Essentials | Bra Saver Wash Bag by Fashion Essentials | Mesh Wash Bag by Fashion Essentials| Styles available at Now That’s Lingerie

A Sentimental Keepsake

Does she love photos of her family? Get her a personalized calendar, puzzle or magnets made with a family photo, or a photo of you and her, or her and her grandkids, etc. Or get her a beautiful new picture frame with a special photo inside. If you want to go above and beyond and have the time to do it, a photo album or scrapbook of her best memories are also an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Nature’s Best

If your Mom has a green thumb, she’ll certainly appreciate a new potted plant, bulbs, tree or seeds that she can plant in the garden. Or, you can go the route of finding her a unique new vase or pot, if she already has a lot of green around her.

A Subscription For Fun

A gift that keeps on giving is always fun! I know I LOVE to get things in the mail. Get her a subscription for a customized beauty box, filled with new beauty products every month (or at the rate of your choice). Does she love a magazine that she’s always buying at the news stands anyway? Offer her a yearlong subscription!

Whatever you choose, just don’t forget the card!

More than anything, I’m sure your Mom just wants to spend time with you, and the pleasure of your company on Mother’s Day will be a great gift to her.

Want to share a great Mother’s Day gift idea with us? Comment below or tell us on Facebook and Twitter!


Products and photos shown here:

Spa Treatment

Dining Experience

A Symbol of Modernity:

2071 Chelsea Leather Hobo Bag by Christopher Kon

3038 Zenith Large Leather Satchel With Cross Body by Zenith By Christopher Kon

Something Indulgent

9194 Lace and Microfiber Chemise by Montelle Intimates

6218 Sheer Enticement Pleated Chiffon Babydoll And Thong Set by Dreamgirl

8740 Awaken Desires Chiffon Kimono Robe And Cheeky Panty Set by Dreamgirl

A Girls’ Getaway:

Something Luxurious




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