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Lingerie in the Movies

Lingerie is all about indulging, spoiling oneself, and feeling special underneath. What better place to draw inspiration for your secret drawer, than from the epitome of glamour itself, the movies?

Here are a few movies that testify to the importance that lingerie plays in a woman’s wardrobe, be she on-screen or off!

Who can forget Grace Kelly in Rear Window, casually pulling out a delicate peignoir set from her overnight bag?  If you think travelling means night-time garments that consist of sweatpants and t-shirt, let the Princess prove that theory wrong!

[Image Credit:]

Get a similar look with Blush’s Naked Envy sheer kimono and long chemise set.

Sofie Coppola’s Marie Antoinette was a resounding blend of fashion-meets-film, and Kirsten Dunst as the young queen looks absolutely alluring as she welcomes in her lover with only a fan, silk stockings, a pair of mademoiselle heels and her come-hither eyes.

 [Image Credit:  Sony Pictures]

If you want to wear a few little items inspired by Marie – try a sultry teddy, or if you decide to go for the stockings… take a look at some of these garter belts.

Pretty Woman may have been a portrayal best viewed through rose-tinted glasses, but Julia Roberts’ wardrobe was phenomenal (once she said goodbye to the high-heeled boots and wig, that is!)

[Image Credit: icelebstar]

Discover your delicate, feminine side with lace, and let your ‘pretty woman’ shine through.  (Take a look at this Arianne Diva chemise – uber feminine!)

When someone mentions Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Buttercup 8, an image of Elizabeth Taylor looking enticing in her slip comes to mind.  An image of yourself looking every inch a goddess should come to your mind, when you put on a slip – they’re not ‘just something our grannies wore’!

[Image Credit:]

Have fun exploring the woman’s world of lingerie – remember, wearing lingerie is just one ingredient in the recipe for glamour… mix it up with confidence, fun and your own personality!


Until next time,

Smile and be beautiful!


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  • Cathie

    Thank you for visiting, and the lovely comment! Please do come back — we will always have new exciting things to share!

    Have a lovely Sunday!


  • I would never forget the beautiful corsets in the movie Moulin Rouge.

  • admin

    Hi Laury, we agree! Those corsets were absolutely stunning. I think it’s really incredible how corsets have had their time to shine at so many different fashion eras, and they are still popular today!

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