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The fun thing about social media is how it makes us feel less alone – like, when we have a problem we’re dealing with, we can just scroll on our phones to find a bunch of other people who are dealing with the same thing.

There’s also a wealth of information to help us deal with those pesky problems. We thought we’d help with that.

We scrolled through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find some common #boobproblems, and we’re helping you solve them! We’re sure a lot of these will be #relatable.


This is totally a summer problem for almost everyone, but for busty babes, this happens a lot. You can’t stop your boobs from sweating, but you can make the problem less pesky.

In warmer months, try wire-free bras or bras made of lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or microfiber. You can also try sports bras that’ll wick away some of the moisture.

One trick that sounds silly but works is to dust corn starch underneath your boobs after you bathe and dry off. It helps wick up the moisture and reduce itchiness and redness. (This works – trust me, I’ve done it).

Try not to scratch, as bad as it is. You can leave marks and cause further irritation.


Most of us, no matter how many times we may get a fitting, have had one of these four things happen with our bras. We’re spilling out of them, and it just never wants to stay put and do its job!

This could happen for a few reasons, all of which will lead to the same solution: get rid of that bra! You might have shrunk it in the wash, you may have grown, or the bra is just too worn out to keep its shape anymore.

Remember to get yourself fitted regularly and remember that you deserve to buy yourself bras that fit.


Seriously, it’s like if you’re over a B cup, you just can’t wear button up shirts?

Not really; it just means a button up shirt may be a little bit more of an investment for you. You may have to go a size up and get it taken in. You can also use body tape or fabric tape for a quick fix, or if you have sewing skills, sew an invisible button where it gaps.

Another thing that could help slightly is wearing a non padded bra with your button ups. The less bulk, the easier the fit!


We have all been there. We’re at work or walking around in public and our straps are falling down. Do we try to not-so-modestly pick it back up or do we just wait for our bras to fall off.

Neither of those are ideal. Fix the problems before it happens! You should be adjusting your straps slightly every time you put on your bra. You can also try silicone shoulder pads if you have a consistent problem, or you find that tightening your straps is irritating to your shoulders.


One of those things all of us boob-wearing folk have dealt with is that dreaded SNAP! and then piercing pain at the side of your boob because your underwire has popped out of your bra.

There are a couple of things you can do to avoid saying goodbye to your favorite bra because of damaged underwire. Don’t throw them in the washing machine, and if you have to, use a bra saver bag to keep your bra safe. Always be sure to hang dry no matter your washing method.

You can also try to fix it temporarily, especially if you’re out and can’t change. Try tearing off a piece of your pad, use strong tape and some tissue – basically whatever you can find that’s a combo of soft against your skin and sticky.

If you seem to always have this problem, rotate a couple of wire-free bras into your wardrobe.


We don’t have any tips for this one. We just thought it was hilarious and SO RELATABLE!

Maybe wear a bib?

What are some of the #boobproblems you experience all the time?

Let us know in the comments below!

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