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We know we’re a broken record – but bra fittings are essential for finding bras that fit well, support you as they should, and feel GOOD. Yes, it’s possible for bras to feel good!

But every now and then, you’ll notice you bra hurting you in certain areas. Does that mean it doesn’t fit? Probably. But there are also a couple of other reasons why it may come down to style, make, or more.

These are some common reasons why you bra might hurt you and how to deal with it.

My Back Band Digs In Sometimes!

How your back band should sit. | No Side Effects Underwire Contour With Extra Side Coverage Bra by Olga

Your back band should sit straight along your back, and should be fitted. You should be able to stick two fingers between your back and back band, and that’s about it.

If you’re noticing that it gets too tight sometimes, even on the loosest hook, it could be that you’re due for another fitting. Sometimes, though, our wonderful female bodies go through changes because of hormones and such that will make us bloat or gain bits of weight here and there.

No, don’t go replacing all your bras – no one has the money for that! Grab yourself some bra back extenders for those days where you just need a little bit of extra room.

My Bra Fits, But My Underwires Dig!

Don’t like underwires? The Body Make Up Essentials Magic Wire T-Shirt Bra by Triumph is for you!

Underwires should realistically sit underneath your breast, should hug your breast gently, and should sit flat very comfortably on your body. However, even if the bra fits, you may still find your underwire digging into your ribs or at the sides of your armpits.

If there’s pain and digging at your armpits or the sides of your breasts, your cups may be too small. Try going up a cup size and down a band size. You can also try a full cup style that will encapsulate more of your breast. Obviously, if the wire is poking through the fabric, ditch the bra!

Some ladies might also have a larger ribcage or other body traits that can make underwires unbearable. Luckily for you, there are wire free or innovative non-metal bras like the Magic Wire from Triumph that can seriously change your life. You don’t have to live in pain because your body is shaped differently!

My Boobs Are Itchy!

Some people are sensitive to fabrics like lace. | Sweetest Sin Demi Bra by Blush Lingerie

That dreaded summer boob sweat, right ladies?!

Sure, boob sweat can cause irritation on our breasts, but if you’re finding any rashes or irritation on your breasts, consider what material you’re wearing. Those lacy and racy bras and bralettes are beautiful, but some ladies with sensitive skin will find that the prettiness is just not worth it.

Go for cottons or simpler, less synthetic fabrics. The styles are just as fabulous and sexy and fashionable as any of those lacy numbers.

If rashes stick around though, don’t just blame it on the bra. Get the doctor to check it out just in case.

I’ve Got Big Boobs and My Back Hurts! No Bra Can Lift These Babies Up!

Casey Unlined Underwired Bra by Parfait Lingerie

Girl, we feel you. Have you ever seen what boobs can weigh?

If you wear bras on the daily and still find your back hurting, your chest hurting, or even headaches, your bra may simply not have enough power to keep you lifted properly. You may also not have the right size on.

Don’t force yourself to fit into a style or size that isn’t yours. Get fitted by a professional or measure yourself if you think you can, and find those good brands who make bras specifically for your size. Parfait and Montelle are two fabulous options for well-made bras with a good size range.

My Straps Are Hurting My Shoulders!

Everyone should have some of these Silicone Shoulder Pads by Fashion Essentials.

We know we should always adjust our bra straps as part of our dressing process daily. You could be tightening them too much, though!

Your straps may also bother you because your bra doesn’t fit. Your straps may be working too hard to try and keep your breasts up. Your straps are a very important part of the bra’s support system, but they should never dig in.

If you have broad or very dainty shoulders, your straps could sit uncomfortably for your taste even if your bra fits. Some silicone shoulder cushions or a hide-a-strap can change the way the straps sit on your shoulders, making bra wearing easier.

Are there any other bra issues you face?

Leave us a comment below or contact our Bra Doctor – she reads the comments AND your questions!

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