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There’s nothing more frustrating than when your favorite bra or panty starts to go.

Do you recycle it or chuck it? Or is there something you can do to keep it living just a little bit longer?

Here are some solutions we found for some pesky lingerie problems.

Broken Straps

Invisible 3/8 Inch Bra Straps by Bra Doctor

Over time, your bra straps will lose their elasticity, and one wrong move and POP! The straps have snapped off.

Luckily, broken bra straps are never a reason to get rid of a trusty bra. Just have a few invisible straps in your lingerie drawer to replace them! They are adjustable so you can ensure the perfect fit even without the original straps.

Ripped Seams

Some lingerie is too beautiful to let it go because of a rip! | Floral Patterned and Lace Babydoll and G-String Set by Mapale

Pulling your lingerie on and off will take its toll eventually. Even the best fabrics will start to tear after some time.

If you have a sewing kit and know how to use it, great! You may be able to salvage it. But what if you don’t?

If it’s a piece of lingerie you truly love, head to your local seamstress or tailor and get them to look at it. Maybe even see if you have a local lingerie boutique that designs and sews lingerie. It may be costly, but there’s no harm in showing them the piece and seeing what they can do!

Sweat Stains

Bras get sweaty. It’s just a part of life! | Triaction Free Motion Wire Free bra by Triumph

Boob sweat happens to us all. It can wreak havoc on our bras, but not if you catch it fast and do a little treatment.

Combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (equal parts) and rub the solution on the stain. Let it marinate for about an hour, then hand wash your bra in the sink with lingerie-safe detergent. Letting the washed bra sit in a bowl of water will help as well, for maybe a half hour or so. Let it hang to dry, and your stain should be out.

Period Stains

Your pretty panties may not be ruined by Aunt Flo! | Adriana Bikini Panty by Parfait Lingerie

This is totally nothing to be embarrassed about. We’ve all had those moments where Mother Nature visits unexpectedly. That’s no reason to say bye bye to your underwear though!

It’s really quite simple to get out these stains. You can hand wash the underwear with cold water and rub the stain with any soap bar you might have, or even dish soap.

Another solution, which is great if you can’t wash the underwear right away, is to wash the underwear in cold water and rub salt into the stain.

Creased or Wrinkled Cups

Push up power = restored. | Allure Light Push Up Bra by Montelle Intimates

Your padded or molded cups will wrinkle and crease over time, especially if you don’t store them well or you throw them in the laundry. It’s okay if you’ve made that mistake – there’s an easy solution to working out some of that damage to prolong the life of the cups.

Reading your bra’s care label, wet the bra in a sink full of the warmest water safe for that bra. After wetting it, take it out, press out excess moisture, and knead the cups to flatten them out.

If you are able to remove the padding from the bra before this, put it back in and knead the shape back to normal. You can also consider putting in silicone bra pads while you let the bra dry to try and manipulate the shape back to normal.

To dry the bra, hang it on a hanger by the straps and let it air dry.

Are there any tips YOU know to help keep your lingerie prim and perfect?

Let us know in the comments below!

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