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Why Does My Bra Size Change Every Month?

Ladies, our bodies are weird, aren’t they? They can be complicated, confusing, and they can change with the smallest environmental shift. When it comes to our breasts, nothing rings more true. When your breasts are completely developed, there is still a very real possibility that they will change in size, and even possibly in shape. We all know that can be because of age, pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and menopause, among other things. But what about when it seems like your breast size changes every month?

We’ve all been there. One of our bras fits perfectly when we wear it the one week. All of a sudden, the next week, it feels as though we’re spilling out of the cups and we’re constantly having to adjust it. Is it really possible that our breasts grow and shrink within a few days, or are there more simple explanations? Well, since on #ShopNTL, we like to help you understand your body relating to lingerie, here are some simple answers to why it could seem like your bra size changes every month.

1. Your Menstruation Cycle

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Sometimes it feels like when you’re getting close to your menstruation cycle, your breasts feel swollen and can even be tender and sore. You’re not imagining this or being sensitive; there is a scientific explanation for this that really is quite simple. When you’re ovulating, your hormone levels are changing. Because of this, the blood flow to the breast is greater, which can leave the breasts feeling more full and tender. The intensity of this changes from woman to woman, but it’s not uncommon for women to experience some sort of fluctuation around her period.

2. Too Much Salt


When you take in a lot of salt, your body tends to retain water. This is especially true around the time of your menstruation cycle, so trying to limit your salt intake around that time can be helpful. A little salt won’t make much of a difference in your body, but it’s somewhat likely that this could cause your breasts to swell slightly. It may also be why you feel bloated sometimes.

3. Incorrect Washing

Large Mesh Wash Bag by Fashion Essentials; 2 Hook Special European Bra Back Extender by Fashion Essentials; both available on #ShopNTL

Large Mesh Wash Bag by Fashion Essentials; 2 Hook Special European Bra Back Extender by Fashion Essentials; both available on #ShopNTL

When you’re noticing that your bra doesn’t seem to fit properly in the span of a month, it may not be because of your breasts at all. It may be the bra itself! One reason why your bra may not seem to fit anymore is because you’re not washing it properly. If you’re throwing your bras in with the rest of your laundry, you can be damaging the makeup of the bra, or possibly shrinking it. It’s best to hand wash your lingerie, but if you can’t, throw it in a mesh wash bag by itself on a delicate cycle with special lingerie washing product. Similarly, if you don’t wash your bras enough, they may feel as though they are loosening up because of too much wear.

4. Simple Adjustments are Needed

Ellie Unlined Wire Bra by Affinitas Parfait

Ellie Unlined Wire Bra by Affinitas Parfait

Sometimes when your bra feels like it’s a big too tight, all you need to do is simply adjust it. Your bra straps will loosen over time, especially when you wear it often. Consider adjusting your bra straps each time you put on your bra, and you may find it makes all the difference in the world! Furthermore, if your breasts are feeling a little bit swollen, try adjusting where you hook your bra. You may need a little extra room once in a while, so fasten it on the loosest hook when this happens. It’s smart to have a bra back adjuster on hand as well if you find your breasts swell up quite a bit each month.

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