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Shopping for bras is a little bit of a science, but with a few tips in your arsenal, it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

So before you walk away from that bra you love because you may think it doesn’t come in your size, you should know more about your sister sizes!



Because of the way bras are built, the volume – or the amount of room – in a cup will change as the band size changes. That’s why it’s so important for you to get measured (or measure yourself) to know what your size is. But once you have your magical letter and number combo, it doesn’t end there!

Essentially, your sister size can be found by either going up or down a band and/or cup size. For example, if you’re a 34D, you should also be able to fit into a 36C. If you’re a 40A, you should also be able to fit into a 38B.


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So why does having multiple size options help you navigate the bra world? Because not all bras are created equal. Just because you measure at a 38D, it doesn’t mean every bra that exists in that size will fit you. Different manufacturers have different standards, just as in clothing, which may mean each 38D bra will fit you differently.


How you’ll feel after discovering your sister sizes! Via GIPHY

So if you’re ever in a shop or you take your Shop NTL order out and try a bra on and it doesn’t quite feel right (learn how to test the fit here), you have options. Don’t write off the bra completely – discover where it doesn’t feel like it fits and try it in your sister size! If it feels like your band is a little too constricting, opt for trying the next band size and go down a cup size. You’d be surprised at how many bras you’ll no longer have to write off by trying it in your sister size!


As for any bra situation, it’s always very important to try the bra on for fit, whether you’re ordering online or you’re in the shop. While you may obsess over your size (or now your sister size), what’s more important is how you FEEL in the bra. You want to feel supported, you want to feel touched by the bra instead of feeling restricted, and you want it to sit properly on your body. When it fits, you feel fabulous!

Do you have any more questions about how to find your sister sizes?

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Until next time, sisters!





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