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It’s happened to all of us: one week, that bra fits you like a glove. The next, your boobs are popping out of the sides and the wire rides up when you lift your arms. Blame it on mother nature and time; there’s no way to prevent it, and we all experience it for one reason or another. However, your breasts may seem to change size for other reasons that you might think. So step off the scale and don’t concern yourself with your weight; we’re here to tell you some other reasons why your breasts seem to change size.

It’s THAT Time


This is most likely an obvious reason to you; you have probably noticed many changes in your breasts during your menstrual cycle. They can feel tender, heavier, sore, and sort of bloated. But why? Your hormones are having a party, and your breasts were invited; estrogen makes the breast ducts larger, and progesterone makes the milk ducts swell. It can be a sign of PMS as well, which differs in severity but is usually harmless. However, if you experience a lot of pain or your breasts feel abnormal at this time, consult with your doctor.

Improper Bra Care


Your bras may appear to shrink because you’re not using the proper detergent to wash them, or perhaps, not washing them properly at all! Yes, we understand washing your bras by hand and letting them hang dry may seem like a chore, but it really is the best way to get the most out of your bra and reduce any damage or disintegration. You can buy special bra wash from most lingerie or swimwear boutiques, and we carry some wash bags you can place them in if you choose to use a washing machine to protect them.



As we age, our breasts lose the elasticity they once had, which can cause drooping. The severity can vary, depending on how active your lifestyle is. Nurturing the makeup of our breasts by working out can help, but can’t reverse time completely. One tip to prevent this? Wear a proper-fitting, supportive bra, especially when working out, because our breasts moving hither and tither doesn’t do them any favours. Also consider changing the style of bra you wear (we have SO many!), as your changing shape and elasticity can make bras you usually wear uncomfortable and unsupportive.

Where It’s Made


We know that where our clothing is manufactured can cause differences in sizing. This, of course, also applies to our bras. Depending on where you shop, your bras probably fit differently. Notice how you can try on two bras that are the exact same size, but they don’t both fit properly? Pay attention to this when shopping for bras. For example, Asian and European sizing tends to be less generous than North American productions.

Have you experienced your breasts seemingly changing size, and have any inquiries regarding this type of experience? You can ask us in the comments below, or start a conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also pin lots of great tips from us on Pinterest, or watch some essential need-to-knows on our YouTube. If you’d like to discuss this issue with our Bra Doctor herself, you can do so at or fill out this form.

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