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Petites: The Secret To Loving What You Have

There’s been a lot of talk about the plus size body positive movement, but what about the other side of the spectrum? The truth of the matter is that ALL women should feel sexy and confident, and that’s what we strive to help women with on #ShopNTL and with the #BraDoctor blog. While media likes to make us believe that being petite or skinny is ideal, society does have a way of shaming women who are petite just as much as any other woman. Petite women may also have problems shopping for lingerie, as it seems like some lingerie media gears towards making things appear bigger. While that’s fun and there’s no problem with wanting a little push-up action, there is plenty of lingerie out there that helps a woman embrace her petite frame AND gives her the support and comfort she needs.
So whether you want a little push up to showcase your assets or just want a bra that fits YOU, here are some #ShopNTL bras that you’ll just love for how well they fit your body.

Infinite Lace Convertible Provocative Plunge Bra by Calvin Klein


A triangle shaped bra is so flattering on a small breast, and allows her to highlight her cleavage. This sweet style has slightly padded cups that offer that subtle lift and support that is functional for all day wear. It is just too pretty with its wavy straps and lace detailing throughout the bra. What’s lovely about this bra is it marries the style of a bralette but the structure of a regular bra.

Reverie Longline Bralette 1 Quarter Wire by Blush Lingerie


A bralette is a freeform style bra that is like a tank, with minimal support but tons of style. A petite lady can get away with this style for everyday wear. However, this lovely and lacy bralette has a quarter wire, which you will barely feel, that gives that tiny bit of lift that you may desire. The lace embroidery and dotted mesh takes this bralette to another level and reminds us of the romantic details so prominent in fashion right now.

Petites Endearing Lace Push-Up Bra by Triumph Lingerie


This bra will work for the girl who likes a little drama but doesn’t want over-the-top push up power. The design of the straps coming up on the shoulders in an angular fashion truly makes this bra unique, and you can play with the straps at the back to wear the bra in different styles. Scalloped surround the straps and bottom for a cute little something extra. It’s just such a stunning number that every petite woman should consider it.

Impact Free Petite Wire-Free Sports Bra by Royce Lingerie


Just because you’re petite, it doesn’t mean you can get away with not having a good sports bra! The impact of exercise can affect a small breast just as much as it does a big breast. Built specifically for petites, there are removable pads depending on what shape you may desire, and the material is so breathable that it’s super ideal for a workout. It has a nice racerback style and no underwires, so it’s comfortable and supportive at the same time.

So what’s the secret behind loving what you have? It’s about understanding that what you were blessed with makes you who you are, but doesn’t completely define you. We can determine for ourselves what is beauty and when we project that we feel beautiful, we are instantly beautiful in the eyes of everyone else! Confidence is the number one turn on for pretty much everyone!

What would be one piece of advice that you’d share with a woman who needs that little body confidence boost? Be sure to leave it in the comments below and help us empower women! You can also share this on Facebook and Twitter, and give us a follow to always get updates on new body positive movements happening. On our Pinterest page, you can find all sorts of lingerie tips for different body types, new lingerie, and so much more. Finally, our YouTube is filled with more lingerie tips that you’re sure to love.



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