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It’s not just the upsurge in celebrity and royal wedding events taking place this Summer which has got everyone hot for wearing white. With it’s fair share of 2011 catwalk coverage white looks set to be an essential fixture on the fashion horizon. It’s the perfect antidote to the bright “highlighter” colors that are everywhere, and who doesn’t look good in white? It’s easy to wear, looks great with a tan and complements just about every other colour in the rainbow.

Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2011

New York fashion darling Alexander Wang presented a fresh all-white, deconstructed collection, a huge departure for the “Prince of Downtown Darkness”, known for his love of black. “I was looking for something optimistic, something pure”, he said.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2011

Dolce & Gabbana showed a beautiful almost all-white collection too, their inspiration being a “hope Chest”, things new and handed down that a bride might pack before she sets off on a new chapter in her life. The duo’s familiar retro sexy lingerie revealed beneath sheer lace dresses isn’t necessarily the look we’d like to wear to the traditional Sunday family get-together, but makes for a chic style ideal for evenings out.

In fact white’s unavoidable transparency is an eternal dilemma that can have dire consequences for the bashfully unaware. We’ve all seen plenty of bra backs and cups fully visible beneath white tops, and visible panty lines are almost expected. But help is at hand! Here are some of my favourite essential “underpinnings” for light coloured clothing, inspired by Now That’s Lingerie!

The 800 Glamour Antistatic Slip by Grenier – available in white too.

The 800 Glamour Antistatic Slip By Grenier is perfect under a sheer white dress. It has lots of advantages, not only is it antistatic and will eliminate any clinging, but it can be worn under a strapless dress: attach it to your own favourite strapless bra with it’s cleverly concealed hooks. The interior moulded bra cup gives complete opacity and together with a supportive underbust elastic you won’t even need to wear a bra underneath it. The smooth lace overlay on the bodice gives plenty of coverage and a very pretty neckline too!

For a more casual everyday look the Elita Metropolis Cotton Built Up Strap Camisole with supporting shelf bra is ideal for this Summer’s layering looks. It can be worn without a bra, but the wide straps and double front will also conceal and smooth out any incidental bra lines. Also take a peak at Elita’s Bamboo Camisole with shelf bra.

The 4553 Elita Metropolis Cotton Built Up Strap Camisole with built in shelf bra

The very versatile and lacy Shaping Camisole from Triumph’s Shape Sensation collection is made from lightweight and breathable fabrics and fits like a second skin. In natural skin tone ‘Caramello’ it’s perfect to wear as a discreet layer beneath any sheer summer blouse. Click here to see other shaping garments from Triumph’s Shape Sensation line.

To avoid any embarrassing rear end fashion mishaps I’d recommend Elita’s Les Essentials Boyleg Brief. With full rear end coverage they’re like an opaque lining beneath any white pants and the longer seamless leg line will give you a lovely smooth derriere.

Elita’s Les Essentials Boyleg Brief – eliminate those ‘white pant’ VPL’s

So stride with confidence in your all whites, with a little help from Now That’s Lingerie!


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    White color always is the most suitable option for underwear of ladies.As it represents clean and young.

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