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Your Lingerie Makeover: Flattering Colours for Your Skin Tone

Hi Everyone!

Choosing the most flattering lingerie for your skin tone can be just as challenging as finding the right fit. Luckily I’m here to help! With the following tidbits of advice, looking your best in lingerie is as easy as 1-2-3!

1.   Determine Your Skin Tone:
A common trick in the beauty industry is to divide the endless complexions of the world into four “seasons”. These categories are based less on the exact colour of your skin and more on the less perceptible undertones, which actually plays a much larger part in choosing flattering hues in clothing!

Winter: People with wintery colouring have blue or very rosy pink undertones to their skin. This includes very pale, yellow-ish, very dark skin tones and usually, dark eyes. Many Asians, African-American and natural blondes fall into this “cool” category.

Summer: The other “cool” complexion out there is the summery one. Women with summer skin can also have blue undertones, but are more likely to have very pink ones.  Skin is usually very pale and pink, and hair is usually blonde.

Autumn: Women with autumn colouring have warm, golden undertones in their skin. Many redheads and brunettes with golden brown eyes or golden flecks in their irises fall into this category, although some golden blondes and black-haired women are autumns, as well.

Spring: Spring skin tones are the other type of warm skin tones out there. These women usually have very pale skin that is peachy rather than pink, like winters, and generally have natural red, strawberry blonde or very light blonde hair. Very clear blue or green eyes are usually indicative of spring colouring.

2.   Check This List and Find Your Colours!

Winter: Black, White, Navy Blue, Dark Red, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow

Love Rush Lace Underwire Bra by Blush Lingerie in Azalea

Summer: Powder Blue, Dusty Pink, Mauve, Lavender, Plum, Pale Yellow

Emilia Padded Underwire Bra by Eva Lingerie in Lavender

Autumn: Camel, Beige, Olive Green, Orange, Gold, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Red

Jungle Impressions Underwire Bra by Naturana Exklusiv

Spring: Peach, Camel, Golden Yellow, Golden Brown, Aqua, Bright Green, True Reds, Ivory, Coral

Light Luxury Wire Free Cross Over Bra by Bra Doctor Lingerie in Crimson Fury

3.   Strut your stuff!
Confidence is key, and nothing is more irresistible than a woman who loves herself, inside and out!

Well, I’m off to check out some lovely Autumn coloured bras, so here’s wishing you a great week and a fun lingerie makeover!





  • Lonnie

    Bonjour Rachel,
    I am trying to place myself in one of those categories. I have brown hair, blue eyes and suntan skin color. I never gave much thought about matching lingerie to my skin tone. Interesting. Any color suggestions for me!

  • rachel

    Hi Lonnie!

    Finding your season can be tough; there are always variations and exceptions to every rule! For example, my eyes are green with a golden ring around the pupil, but when I dye my hair darker, the green looks more blue, and there is no category for eyes that are blue and gold. I would suggest trying out some different colours to see what suits you best. You can generally tell which colours are most complimentary because they will “light up” your features so to speak; your eyes will appear brighter and your skin will acquire a healthy “glow” of sorts. It sounds to me like you might be a spring, but trust me, looking beautiful in lingerie is all about how you feel and the way that you carry yourself; while some colours might “suit” you in a techincal fashion, whatever makes you feel good is sure to have you looking like a total knockout 🙂

    Thanks for the comment and good luck with your colour experiment!

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