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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

While I know that “April showers bring May flowers”, the rainy early spring season is always my least favourite… who likes waking up to grey skies? No one!  But right now I’m going to share my secret to living through this icky weather: Spring rain apparel!

There is something about hopping out of my apartment building early in the morning in a classy trench coat, shiny, sleek rubber boots with a big umbrella in hand that makes me feel like a total old Hollywood movie star! As Michael Kors once said, “Putting on a trench, you’re suddenly Audrey Hepburn walking along the Seine.” And don’t we all remember how stunningly stylish she looked in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve compiled a few images of my favourite Spring pieces in classy, fabulous and funky styles. Just goes to show you; fashion changes but style is eternal!

The Trench

The simple grey coat on the far left is a perfect example of the classic trench coat, and its neutral tone means it’s a blank slate, so you can jazz it up with, say, a pair of spicy red heels or keep it sleek and sophisticated with pearls and black and white accessories. The fierce animal print jacket in the center is fabulous, offering a wild take on the trench, but maintains the same basic cut so it can be worn in a variety of ways. Thirdly, the funky jacket on the right (my personal favourite!) shows another interpretation of the trench, this time with bold, black leather details and brass buckles. I can’t get enough of this look!

The Rubber Boot

Rubber boots are great because they are both practical and fashionable. The classic red pair on the left is eye-catching without being over the top, making it a great basic. The fabulous little boots in the centre might be a bit less practical on days when it pours, but the little silk bows are irresistible! Finally, the chunky, black rubbers on the left show that comfortable and practical can also be super funky!



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