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Viral Engagement/Wedding Videos To Make You Cry

Anyone else feel like engagements are getting just as elaborate as weddings?

Regardless, we can’t help but burst into tears when we see the love between two people in such a special moment!

Let’s have a moment together and watch some engagement and wedding videos that have either gone viral or gained a lot of attention.

We’ll bring the tissues; you bring the ice cream!

A YouTube Worthy Proposal

These two sweet YouTube stars have been creating videos together for a while, so it’s no surprise their engagement was filmed. It’s quite long, but we promise that it’s worth it.

We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but we just want you to know – it also involves the cutest little girl ever!

The Power of Friendship

In this viral video, the groomsmen and best man perform a traditional Haka (a traditional Maori chant and performance) for the bride and groom.

The beauty of this video is seeing how much it touched the bride and groom for their friends to participate in something so special to them.

When The Groom Sees His Bride…

We’ve all seen those photos of grooms reacting to seeing their bride for the first time. I don’t know about you guys, but THOSE are enough to make me cry!
In this video, you’ll see one of the most beautiful and raw reactions a man has had when seeing his gorgeous bride come down the aisle.

Flash Mob Proposal

Flash mob proposals are quite the thing – they’re a trendy way to propose, but they also look like a lot of work!

They always turn out so beautiful and make us cry happy tears, and this one is no exception.

BONUS: The First Look

Now for a good laugh!

The first look is a common, modern tradition where the bride and groom meet together before saying their I Do’s. This one was EPIC, to say the least.

Have you recently seen a proposal or wedding video that made you tear up?

Share it with us in the comments below!

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Until next time, we’re going to go buy some more tissues!




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