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Fabulous Fashion Fixes!

Hello All!

I’m going to get straight down to business – today we’re talking basic essentials. That’s right, ladies! We’ve all had our wardrobe crises, and there are a few little things that are infinitely useful and fabulously versatile, that can solve just about any pinch you might wind up in! This blog is dedicated to sharing these well-kept secrets with you, my readers, in hopes that you might avoid any future fashion-induced anxiety and find yourself prepared for whatever life might throw at you. So here we go!

Problem #1: That low-cut top looks stunning, but – Oh, dear! – it will not stay in place!
Body Tape by Fashion Essentials (Or as I like to call it – Boob-Tape!)
My description may not be appropriate, as this tool can actually be used in a variety of ways. While a certain fix for plunging v-necks, this can also secure gaps between buttons on blouses and even be used to create a make-shift hemline for skirts or jeans!

Problem  #2: Uh-oh, that non-padded bra that gave you the perfect shape inside suddenly isn’t offering the coverage you need in chilly situations!
Adhesive Disposable Nipple Covers by Forever New
Sometimes nothing can beat the free feeling and comfort a non-padded bra can give you, but when there’s a little wind that happens to blow your way, you could be left feeling extremely uncomfortable! These nipple covers are a super quick fix that stay in place, don’t irritate your skin, and can be discarded after use. A must-have for any lady who, like me, especially enjoys this kind of bra in summer weather!

Problem #3: You’ve got a date, but your bra isn’t giving you that “Umph!” you desire!
Silicone Push-Up Breast Enhancers by Bra Doctor Lingerie
These push-up enhancers offer significant lift and fullness, without being visible or obvious, leaving you looking naturally luscious! Also, if you are like most women and have a small difference in cup-size between one breast and the other, slipping one of these babies into your bra in the smaller side solves that issue in a snap.

Problem #4: You’ve bought a lovely new racer-back top, but are saddened to find that it leaves your bra straps totally visible!
Lifting Hide-A-Strap by Forever New
Just by slipping your bra straps into this small, figure-8 piece of plastic, you can wear your favourite bras and not worry about visible straps in cute racerback tops! Available in packs of 3, coming in black, beige and clear, these little secrets are super comfortable, practical, and also give a sultry lift – win-win situation, if you ask me.


So, there you have it. Some of your most common fashion crises solved, simply and affordably! Stay tuned for future fashion-fixes – believe me, I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve.








  • nn

    I had these exact same ones that came in a bra i bought once. This bra doctor link says their not available anymore. Does anyone know what this type of white silicone is called and where i can get another pair?

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