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The NEW Look Of Shapewear & Controlwear

Daisy Control Camisole Tops by Arianne, available at Now That's

Daisy Control Camisole Tops by Arianne, available at Now That’s

Modern shapewear and controlwear have taken on a sexy twist in recent years.  You have likely heard of brands like Spanx, Yummie Tummie, Sassybax and many more,  who have created supportive clothing and undergarments that comfortably control and shape your body, eliminating unsightly bulges and smoothing out your curves almost invisibly under tighter clothes.

Over the last five years or so,  my clientele for controlwear has diversified, with even younger woman purchasing shaping and controlling garments!  Women of all ages and sizes are interested in smoothing the lines of their bodies comfortably, (and not just plus-sized ladies, either).

Seductive Shape Vintage High Control Brief with Zipper by Naturana Exklusiv

Seductive Shape Vintage High Control Brief with Zipper by Naturana Exklusiv

Did you know that wearing the right sized bra and style for your body can give you an immediate slimmer appearance?  When the back band fits snugly and envelops the excess flesh around your arms and back, all while giving your breasts the supportive lift they need, you are changing the entire look of your upper body, truly emphasizing the hourglass shape of your feminine body!  You may not believe how instant the transformation can be,  all just by wearing a supportive bra that fits properly, but I urge you to get a proper bra fitting (that’s just what the Bra Doctor is for!) and a new medium to full support bra, and you’ll see for yourself.  If you are a plus-sized diva, I do suggest a full support bra to minimize discomfort on your shoulders and really give you the control and shape you need all day long.

17508101 Hold It In Waist, Tummy and Thigh Shaper by Change of Scandinavia

17508101 Hold It In Waist, Tummy and Thigh Shaper by Change of Scandinavia

Other than shaping bras (which tend to offer medium to full support), there are other ways to slim out your torso under your clothes.  Shaping camisoles can be worn as clothing (if they are opaque enough) and smooth out your entire torso, from your breasts to your sides, including your waist and hips, like Arianne’s new Daisy collection (available this Spring in rose, periwinkle and basic black), which I love wearing with my jeans, with or without an open shirt or cardigan on top.  I also adore Triumph’s new Lace Sensation Shaping Camisole, which intentionally gives your breasts an extra Oomph when you wear your bra underneath.  Corsets can also help slim out your upper body (plus they are very sexy even if your goal is not to wear it as shapewear).

Lace Sensation Shaping Body Control Dress by Triumph

High-rise panties and girdles with extra tummy control have an integrated front panel of a minimal stretch fabric that helps flatten out your tummy.  I really like Naturana’s Seductive Shape vintage-inspired panty girdle, which fits snugly and has an easy and comfortable zipper-front for a more precise fit.  Naturana’s Functional Panty Girdle is made with a breathable stretch fabric and also delivers a seamless look under your clothes,  rising high up your torso. Smoothing out your hips, bum and thighs doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive – find yourself a shaper that controls all of your problem areas! Many thigh and bum shapers, like Change of Scandinavia’s Hold In High Panty, come up very high, often reach the bottom band of your bra, so you can get the tummy control you need too, all in one garment.  (Other fantastic styles are control bodysuits like Grenier’s Seamless Control Unitard.)

Need a dress liner that gives you the shape you want?  Triumph’s new Lace Sensations Shaping Body Dress acts as a full slip (to offer opacity under your more transparent dresses), while also shaping and controlling your entire body, from your breasts to your thighs!  This is my new favourite (and seriously convenient) addition to my wardrobe.

Whatever your needs, shapewear and controlwear (mostly synonymous!) can help you feel comfortable, smooth and shapely under any of your clothes.

Questions about fashion?  Let me know!





  • rachel


    I nearly choked when I saw the absolutely gorgeous vintage high-control brief by Naturana Exclusiv up there… That might be one of the sexiest pieces I have ever seen – I might just need to get my hands on a pair!

    Also, I have to take a second to support what you said about the growing demographic for shapewear. As a petite woman in my 20s, I still love this kind of underwear. It definitely helps me to feel confident and beautiful in any outfit!

  • Lonnie

    I am so excited about just ordering the Triumph lace sensation camisole and the control dress. I want to feel confident when I go out that my “flaws” are covered and I have a “proper shape”. And the fact that they are of beautiful lace makes them so attractive to me. I love some lace underneath it all! I think they will also help my confidence.
    I think that it’s most important to be confident in the way you look and feel. Thank you for this article on shapewear and your personal recommendation regarding these two items. I can hardly wait until they arrive! I will be sure to share with you my thoughts when I first get to wear them.

  • Lisa

    Thanks Lonnie! I am so sure you will love those! I got myself the control dress and it’s perfect for the upcoming weddings for this Summer! 🙂 The lace definitely makes me feel feminine and confident too. And definitely, lingerie should always be worn with confidence, just as confidence comes from wearing great and comfortable lingerie!

  • Lisa

    Rachel, you are such a sucker for all things vintage! I was definitely thinking of you when I put that Naturana Exklusiv vintage panty up there!

  • Lonnie

    I have just received my new Triumph lace sensation dress and also the camisole. I tried the shape dress with my new PB dress this morning. You were absolutely right about the gorgeous lace and better yet, the shaping it gives me. It sure does give my girls that extra oomph!! And it flattens my waist and lifts my “booty”. I am so pleased that you recommended this for me. It will be great for some special occasions coming up for me.

  • admin

    Lonnie, I knew they would be perfect for you, especially the Body Dress under your Papillon Blanc Dresses! I am also loving my new Triumph shapewear, perfect for this coming Wedding Season for my fancier attire… now I know I’ll look and feel flawless! Enjoy!! 🙂

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