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One of our first blog posts on the Bra Doctor blog is also one of the most popular. Common Bra Fitting Problems and Solutions is full of very valuable information for any woman, such as a bra fitting checklist that you can go through every time you try on a bra. Even though this blog was published six years ago, we still receive comments now with even more questions for our Bra Doctor to answer. So we thought we’d go through some of the comments and share the questions and answers with you (with names removed) to teach you some of what we’ve taught our lingerie lovers in hopes that it helps you!

Wire Free Seamless Bra With Multi-Position Straps by Montelle Intimates

Wire Free Seamless Bra With Multi-Position Straps by Montelle Intimates

Lingerie Lover: Hello I’m wondering what is the best way to measure the fitting of a bra? Now that I’ve nursed 3 kids my bras don’t seem to fit correctly anymore or even feel comfortable. The last time I was measured at VS I was 36B, but they don’t fit correctly causing discomfort/pain. Any help would be great! Thanks!!

Bra Doctor: As expected, having kids and nursing can dramatically change your body chemistry, including, of course, your breasts. Definitely go into a lingerie store and get measured again, as chances are, your breasts have changed since the last time you were measured. Once you get an accurate measurement again, try on different styles of bras – perhaps look for some non-underwired bras to relieve a little bit of pressure. It’s very possible to find these that still offer support ( Many women often stick to one style or type of bra and assume their size is wrong because it doesn’t fit well – sometimes it’s just that a different style is needed to complement her unique breast shape and offer a different type of lift and support. We hope this helps! Thank you for reaching out.


2 Hook Special European Bra Back Extender by Fashion Essentials

2 Hook Special European Bra Back Extender by Fashion Essentials

Lingerie Lover: Hi there. The problem I have with bras is my boobs are 2 different cup sizes. I fit the bigger one, but with this I then have gaping in the smaller one. My boobies are saggy :(, but I have a beautiful child to thank for that :). I have spent hours trying on bras and seeing what fits best and what feels best. Other than the different cup sizes (I am not going to have surgery to correct this so I want to figure out what to do with this). I also do not like having a bulge on the sides where the bra sits, a 36 is too tight around but a 38 is too big around as no matter what type of bra it always starts out great at the beginning of the day but with all my moving around it seems to stretch during the day, thus it starts to ride.. any thoughts on this? I have wondered about adding a set of bra eyes (not the hook part).

Bra Doctor: You should try a balcony or demi cup style that will help minimize the appearance of unevenness. Always fit the larger breast, as you are correctly doing. For the gapping side, fill with a bra pad to minimize the difference.

For your back band, it sounds like you need a 36 with a bra back extender, rather than a 38 (you are probably more like a 37, so a bra back extender will help you achieve this quickly and effortlessly as it clips directly onto your bra without sewing required).

After you try your bra with the back extender, and if your larger breast is not fitting properly in the bra and is spilling out the sides or top, you need a new bra size.


Spring Blossom Wire-Free Bra by Royce Lingerie

Spring Blossom Wire-Free Bra by Royce Lingerie

Lingerie Lover: Hello! I am currently 6 months pregnant and am having all kinds of bra drama. It didn’t take long for the 36 B I was wearing to become very uncomfortable with my growing bust. I then decided to to with more of a sports bra or “flexible size” bra, such as one by Bali that is simply “small, medium, and large” sizes, but have found that 1.) They are not as supportive, and 2.) After only a few weeks I find these bras cutting under my arms, especially when driving and it is very uncomfortable. Do you have any recommendations for a good bra I can check out and recommendations for fitting during pregnancy? I’m definitely on a tight budget, but a few good bras would be considered worth it over a bunch of new bras that don’t fit or only fit for a short amount of time.

Bra Doctor: Congratulations on your pregnancy!

So many women are uncomfortable during pregnancy because of all the crazy changes that happen to your body. Boobs especially.

Seems that your bra back is too small or the way that the wings are shaped are not offering any real support so that you experience discomfort under our arms. This is also potentially a bra cup size issue.

I ALWAYS recommend a good wire-free bra for women who are pregnant, like these from Royce Lingerie (from AAA to K cups) which are total winners and can still be worn after you give birth.

I think some handy blogs for you to check out are: All You Need To Know About Maternity Bras and also Underwire or Wire-Free Nursing Bras? – A Mother’s Prerogative

One more recommendation is a bra back extender – they are some of my pregnant clients’ favourite tool because you can add 1-3 extra inches to your back band – meaning a more flexible fit for someone whose size seems to be fluctuating all the time!

Do you have a bra fitting problem that you’d like to share with the Bra Doctor? Leave your question in the comments below, or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also see some lingerie tips and fitting tips on our Pinterest board, and see more tips on our YouTube channel.




  • Sandra

    What to do if bra keeps riding up in the front but not the back? Also even in a 46 B there’s some gap between my boobs and the cup. I currently have only plunge bras I thought about trying different styles. I’m not sure what to do?

  • admin

    Hello Sandra,
    Thank you for your comment.
    If the bra rides up it means that the band is too big. You should go down a band size to a 44 and since the cups seem to be big as well go down 1 cup size to an A, so you should try a 44 A bra size. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day. Celine 1-855-521-4244

  • mona

    Hello I’m using a 40dd but the back is way to loose and it doesn’t sit against my chest the way a proper fitted bra should!

  • Sue Doyle

    I’m wearing 38d,but find it tight across the back,and my shoulders ache a lot.

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