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The Art of Comfort…

Hasn’t it been a beautiful autumn so far?  But while the beauties of the season are truly things to appreciate and be thankful for, the mornings are darker, the days are shorter, and it is getting harder and harder to leave the cozy warmth of bed and blankets!  What better time to perfect the art of indulgence and comfort?  Here are some ideas that will make you feel fabulous, without spending a penny!

1.    If you have a day off, or work from home… don’t be afraid to sleep in a little!  It’s the easiest way to feel refreshed and gain energy back, so don’t feel guilty!

2.    Take your time – nothing about pampering yourself should ever be rushed!

3.    Go for a walk.  But it’s cold out there, you say?  Put on a warm coat – I promise that when you come back, you will have soaked in the beauty of the season, the house will feel so much warmer, and you’ll be sporting a rosy glow on your cheeks!

4.    Bubble baths – the classic female indulgence, and for many good reasons!  Light some tea candles, and bring along a cup of tea/hot chocolate/wine, whatever strikes your fancy… along with a good book or a glossy.  It’s the perfect way to relax your muscles and catch up on some reading.  Don’t forget to unplug the phone (or turn off the ringer so you’re not disturbed).

5.    Bring candles into your bedroom or living room, turn on some soft music and relax or read some poetry… so soothing!

6.    Do something nice for someone else, even if it is ‘only’ a smile!  It can brighten up someone’s day, and make your happiness go over the moon.  Never underestimate the power of kindness!

7.    Don’t forget the chocolate!  Godiva is a favourite, (and ok, it might cost a few pennies!) but anything smooth and velvety is always irresistible…

8.            Kiss your significant other!  You heard me, ladies!  Scientific studies report that kissing is a natural way to relax.  It increases endorphins (chemicals that induce feelings of well-being) as well as levels of oxytocin, the body’s naturally produced calming chemical.

While you’re perfecting the art of self-pampering, don’t forget to swan around gracefully in beautiful clothes –inside and out!

What’s your favorite way to relax? Comment here below, or tell us on Twitter and Facebook!

Until next time,

Stay beautiful!



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