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The World’s Largest Bra

England has jotted down a new record for the books-being the country to manufacture the world’s largest bra!

A stain removal company indigenous to the island, named Vanish, partnered up with a sailmaking company in order to create the bra. That’s right-the people that work for M Putt Sailmakers are more equipped to do the work of creating sails for ships, not manufacturing bra pads. In lieu of that, it only took four weeks for the unveiling.

Why undertake such a feat? The company was promoting England’s version of supporting breast cancer awareness, the campaign slogan by the British Breast Cancer Campaign being, “Wear It Pink.” What better idea to support not only the cause, but the company’s-ahem-assets, than by entering themselves into the Guinness Book of World Records? Genius marketing campaign.


October 28th is the date that this beauty unveiled, at the side of the ITV Southbank Tower. The bra is pink, the signature colour of the worldwide breast cancer awareness cause. According the the, its measurements are large enough to have supported a brontosaurus-if said brontosaurus had mammary glands, that is.



The cup size is a 1222B cup, measuring 102 feet around the chest. The fabric weighed 165 lbs, the metal fasteners added the weight to almost 200 pounds. The company used more than 4000 square feet of lightweight nylon. Scaled down, the reports say that the bra would fit a woman with a 34B bust.

Cheers to international awareness,


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