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Trend Alert: Chunky Sweaters

Now that the weather is moving from Indian-summer warmth to full-on winter winds, it’s time to start integrating more cold-weather pieces into your wardrobe. And there’s no better way than with the current trend of chunky sweaters – stylish pieces (not for grandmas) that are not only fashionable but keep you oh-so-warm! Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for these cozy sweaters.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Marlene Birger chunky knit wool cardigan

One tip for keeping this style current is to layer them with other clothing. This is easy with sweater jackets, cardigans, and wraps, but it’s important with cropped and regular length sweaters too. The best part of layering is that it allows you to dress up or down an outfit – a basic cami under a long cardigan is perfect for daytime, while the same cardigan over a lacy top or even a corset makes a bolder statement for evening. Just be sure to layer carefully – since the chunky sweater will add bulk to the body, you’ll want the rest of the outfit to be tighter-fitted.

Longer is better!

Chunky sweaters of all lengths are in right now, but the most body-flattering ones are on the longer side.  Cardigans and sweater dresses that extend past the bum are dramatic and super comfortable. Again, remember the rest of the outfit should be tighter, so pair the sweater with skinny jeans or leggings, not flared pants. Another popular shape for chunky sweaters is a crop top, again paired with tighter-fitting camis underneath. But be forewarned:  this is a style that highlights the tummy area.

Details – Keep it Modern 

Chunky Sleeveless Knitted Poncho by M Missoni

The main concern with wearing a chunky sweater is looking like a grandma. To avoid this, make sure your sweater has a modern detail that makes it stand out from the back-of-the-closet pack. This detail could be a cutting edge pattern, like the one seen on the M Missoni Knitted Sweater shown below, or a style that follows another trend, like the Western-inspired Anninas chunky-knit wool cardigan, or utilizing the sweater in a new way, like the Marc Jacobs Sweater Skirt.

Accessorize with Caution

Chunky sweaters are the main focus of an outfit, so don’t over accessorize. A simple pair of earrings goes a lot farther with this look than a huge necklace or dangling bracelet. You’ll have a little more

Cable Sweater Skirt from Marc Jacobs

leeway with footwear, but tall, streamlined boots look the best and will keep your legs warm! Or, go in the other direction and wear a dainty pair of heels to elongate your legs and balance out the thickness of the sweater.

Have any other tips for wearing chunky sweaters? Share your ideas below, tell us on Twitter or on our Facebook page, or e-mail me!


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