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Your Lingerie Star Style – The Fire and Air Signs

Hi again, Ladies! Last week here on Bra Doctor’s blog, I wrote about using astrology as a guide to shop for lingerie, and how to find lingerie suited to your star personality for Earth and Water Signs.  Now we’ll finish up the fun with the Fire and Air signs.


The Fire Signs


Aries, The Ram (March 21 – April 19) Aries is the sign of the self, so they are very self-oriented, which manifests in positive and negative ways. They are independent and natural leaders, but are often impulsive and speak before they think, sometimes getting them into trouble. Aries are exciting, bubbly, and talkative.

Your Pick: Vivid, energetic and flirty, the Burlesque Fantasy Balconette Bra by Montelle is a perfect reflection of an Aries’ ability to be the life of any party! The gorgeous detail and sexy satin feel will bring out an Aries’ impulsive side.

Leo, The Lion (July 23 – August 22) Like our cultural meaning of the lion, Leos are proud, domineering, in charge, and honourable. Leos want only the best the world has to offer, so material possessions are important to them as they reflect social standing. They are always taking action to fix a problem they see in the world.

Your Pick: Bold, vibrant, and totally in charge, the Stacy Thong Teddy by Arianne shows a Leo’s powerful side. Its romantic and classy styling will also appeal to your love of finer things.


Sagittarius, The Archer (November 22 – December 21) Sagittarians have a vibrant, adventurous, and optimistic personality which appears to bring them luck and good fortune. They are very curious and look towards the future, sometimes forgetting about the past and their own feelings. Sagittarians tend to jump in before thinking things through.

Your Pick: Bright, cheerful, and flirty, the Beverly Camisole Corset by Arianne complements the Sagittarian’s optimistic disposition. This style is feminine and comfortable, but the eyelet embroidery down the front adds an extra scandalous touch.


The Air Signs


Gemini, The Twins (May 21 – June 20) Geminis have many different sides to their personalities and they aren’t afraid to contradict themselves. They are intelligent and can adapt to different people and situations with ease. Though they are great socializers, they can be a little superficial when it comes to exploring all sides of an issue.

Your Pick: To appeal to their multi-faceted personality, the Pleasure State VIP Polarise Contour Plunge Bra combines dainty black lace on cream satin with black contour lines across the top. The contour lines in the centre form a lace-up pattern, giving a naughty edge to an otherwise sweet bra, perfect for contradictory Geminis.


Libra, The Scales (September 23 – October 22) Libras believe that what you see is what you get. They love beauty, and especially desire luxury. Though they might fuss over their appearance, Libras are very creative and intelligent, which are traits they might hide from others in an effort to please and appear easy-going. They are great socializers and experts on bringing people together.

Your Pick: Chantelle’s Versailles is the ultimate in luxurious lingerie for the image-obsessed Libra. Delicate, chic, and unparalleled in sophistication and class, this combination is a show-stopper.


Aquarius, The Water Carrier (January 20 – February 18) Aquarians are visionaries, someone not afraid to go their own way and let others do the same. They aren’t judgmental at all and in fact like to deviate from the norm in order to shock more conventional people. Aquarians can be manipulative and pick on anyone they find dull. They are always after intellectual stimulation and the next new idea.

Your Pick: An unexpected combination of sweet lace and wild print, the Rapture Chiffon Camidoll With Lace by Blush Lingerie defies convention just like an Aquarius does. The unconventional length (half cami, half babydoll dress) creates a peekaboo effect sure to leave a lasting impression.

Have other ideas for your star sign? Comment here below, or tell us on Twitter and Facebook!

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