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Bras For Mom: Post-Nursing

Welcome to Part 3 of our Bras For Mom series, where our aim is to help moms find the most comfortable bras for each stage of her pregnancy. We know that motherhood isn’t easy, and the journey to get there isn’t the same for everyone, so if we can help with one small aspect of being a mom, we want to! Part 1 focuses on bras to wear during pregnancy, and Part 2 is all about nursing and post-pregnancy bras. 

Your breasts change dramatically after nursing, whether or not you’re able to breastfeed part-time, full-time, or for a short period of time. You may notice they shrink, they stay larger, they may sag a bit, or the unevenness may show more. 

The journey of learning your new body and trying to embrace it post-birth is a difficult one. There’s a lot of pressure for women to “bounce back,” and it’s just not realistic for most moms. With the craziness of raising a young one, you’ll either have no time to try and burn weight off, or it’ll just fall off. 

We don’t think it’s fair for any woman to feel as though they need to get back to a certain weight or size. These bra tips are all about embracing the changes in your breasts, finding ways to feel more comfortable with where you’re at now, and staying supported and comfortable!

Keep reading for some bras for the post-nursing stage of pregnancy. 

Montelle Wireless Cup Sized Lace Bralette

This beautiful bralette is simply comfortable and beautiful, making it perfect for tender breasts. 

The lace has stretch so it’s comfortable, and there are so many beautiful colors to choose from to suit your taste. 

Cloud 9 Warner’s Wirefree Light Contour Cup Bra With Lace Band

Wireless may still be a preference post-nursing because you can avoid irritation, but you don’t want to skimp out on support. 

Pretty lace decorates the band, but this bra has enough power to support your bust along with the straps and contoured cup. The material is also breathable so you can stay cool and dry all day. 

Murcia Wireless Push Up Double Molded Soft Bra by Naturana Blue Label

If you want to feel lifted up and shaped out without wires or heavy padding, this bra is an ideal choice. 

There is a ton of support built into this bra. The shoulders are also padded so you’ll feel soft relief while your bust is lifted up. 

Naturana Full Figure Wirefree Minimizer Wireless Wide Strap Soft Cup Bra 

If you’re dealing with a lot of breast growth after pregnancy, this bra is built to handle that. 

You have soft cotton, no wires, but plenty of support within the cups and special straps to stay lifted without feeling heaviness. 

Parfait Maya Non Padded Underwire Plunge Bra

This bra is a great start back into underwire because it’s soft, comfortable, and easy to wear for all day comfort. 

It’s built to support a heavy or larger bust, and it also has some smoothing technology to help you feel truly secured within the bra. 

Triumph Beauty-Full Essential Molded Underwire T-Shirt Bra

When you’re getting back into underwire, starting out with high-quality underwire is a good idea. 

This bra has flexible wire that moves with your body, and there’s support everywhere to make you feel secure no matter what.

Bra Pads And Nipple Covers

If you want some extra support from your bra post-nursing, you may want to look into some bra pads or nipple covers

Bra pads are great to have for a number of reasons, including to even out your breasts, or maybe give them some push up power to feel a little fuller on top. Our bra pads are easy to slip into any bra and go. Nipple covers are great if you want a little extra layer for discretion, or even if you find that your nipples chafe post-nursing. They can also be great to stop that leakage that happens sometimes!

Bonus tip: We also sell shoulder pads that’ll relieve your shoulders from straps that may dig in. If you feel like your back band is a bit too tight, you can also try bra back extenders to give yourself some extra room!

Do you have any lingerie tips for post-nursing or post-pregnancy that helped you?

Let us know in the comments!

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