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Let’s Talk About Sagging Breasts

One of the many benefits of wearing a bra is that they lift up our breasts. This helps them appear fuller and rounder and higher up on our chest, which we all love, right?

Even though bralettes and more relaxed styles have overrun the desire for push up bras as of late, there’s one thing that a lot of people still fear; sagging breasts. Sagging breasts are natural and no one is immune to the inevitable force of gravity. We’ve been conditioned thus far by old beauty standards that we should all want perky, round, even breasts, even though most of us have either never had them or if we do, they don’t last for long. 

Is there any way to avoid sagging breasts, or at least delay the inevitable droop? Let’s talk about it, and why it shouldn’t matter. 

Why Do Our Breasts Sag?

Relaxed bra styles like this one are becoming more favorable, where the breasts are still supported but sit more naturally on the body. | Elita Modal Luxe Wireless Crossover Cami Bra

Our breasts are made up of tissue and ligaments that lose their elasticity over time. As with most other areas of our body made up of similar matter, as we get older, the strength and elasticity that used to bounce back so easily wears down. While that’s a very simple way to explain the science behind sagging breasts, this is what most of us will experience. 

Now, there are other factors that studies show contribute to when our breasts will start to sag. Things like weight gain or loss, diet, smoking, and posture are said to be factors that can affect our body’s overall health.  That’s not to say that these things will directly contribute to your breasts sagging faster, but obviously, healthy habits are always a better choice. 

Can We Really Prevent Sagging?

Push up bras look great, but they won’t prevent gravity from doing its thing. | Demi Push Up Bra by Cybele

Don’t obsess over those chest presses at the gym or force yourself to wear push up bras. While maintaining an active lifestyle and wearing supportive bras, especially sports bras during workouts, is helpful, there is no “cure” or way to stop Mother Nature from running its course eventually. 

Other than a breast lift – which is obviously invasive and expensive – your breasts will eventually sag. Size doesn’t matter either. While it’s widely believed that the bigger your breasts, the more they will sag, the truth is that the sagging may just appear more obvious when your breasts are bigger. No matter what breast size you are, whether or not you breastfeed if you have kids, how your weight changes over time, you can and probably will experience sagging at some point. 

If It’s Natural, Why Don’t We Just Embrace It?

Boobs are great because they’re all unique! | Image via Today’s Parent

Body positivity and the promotion of positive body image is definitely paving the way for us to embrace our natural breasts, but there’s no denying there’s still this pressure for us to want our breasts to perk up. We are still bombarded with images of unrealistic bodies and photoshopped images that we are expected to compare ourselves to. Plus, body tape can work wonders to lift those puppies up under low cut dresses, so when we’re seeing these celebs go braless and their breasts are lifted to the heavens, just know it’s probably not natural. 

That’s not to say wearing a supportive bra is denying yourself the embrace of your natural shape. We need the support to protect the integrity of our breasts, as well as reduce back pain and shoulder pain associated with having breasts. But we shouldn’t be ashamed that when we take off our bra at the end of the day, our boobs may hang low (and wobble to and fro). 

Do you struggle with your relationship with your breasts? If you ever need any bra advice, let us know in the comments below!

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Yours In Lingerie, 

Celine The Bra Doctor

*Feature Image: Chidera Eggerue from Slumflower via Tumblr/Google



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