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It seems like some women are left out of the lingerie mainstream sometimes, and there’s not much lingerie marketed to women who are above a certain age.

While we don’t believe women should limit themselves based on age, some lingerie styles are better suited for different body shapes and types.

These 5 pieces of lingerie are ideal for some of the body situations women who are 50+ may find themselves living with. These suggestions are aimed at ideal support and comfort.

Play It Cool Wire Free Cooling T-Shirt Bra by Warner’s

Play It Cool Wire Free Cooling T-Shirt Bra by Warner’s

We can’t imagine who wouldn’t love all the special details in this bra.

You’ve got no underwire but plenty of support, and CHILL FX™ technology that helps regulate your body temperature on top. Plus, there’s a soft and plush lift in the lightweight cups that don’t stress out tender breasts but still lifts them up.

Modern Feeling High Waisted Maxi by Triumph Lingerie

Modern Feeling High Waisted Maxi by Triumph Lingerie

The idea of granny panties has evolved over time, with the style being reinterpreted into more modern, alluring styles.

This high waisted panty has all the comfort and practicality of a granny panty, with some sexy details to spruce things up. Every woman deserves to feel the power of lingerie and how it can make you feel sexy and confident, and this maxi panty does just that.

Full Coverage Lace Underwire Bra by Cybele

Full Coverage Lace Underwire Bra by Cybele

A touch of lace in any capacity can be all it takes to feel a little bit sexier.

This underwired bra features support perfect for any bust in any shape, and its full coverage nature helps you feel covered without sacrificing comfort or style. There is also no padding to create any extra bulk as that’s not always desired, but you still get great shape with the construction of the cups.

Viki Bikini Brief by Miel

Viki Bikini Brief by Miel Lingerie

This is a perfect underwear that doesn’t create any unwanted or unnecessary bulk.

The fabric is so stretchy and breathable so it’s flexible for daily wear no matter your lifestyle. The material is also anti-microbial and wicks away moisture. It’s a perfect all day, every day panty.

Dalis Lace Wireless Bralette by Parfait

Dalis Lace Wireless Bralette by Parfait Lingerie

Once again, you’ve got a wireless bra that doesn’t skimp on support, which is what any woman wants.

This stretchy bralette keeps the girls up and loaded in, with some stunning lace detail that makes you happy. The straps are also adjustable and can be converted to a criss cross shape is so desired.

A major tip: when your body changes as you get older, your breasts aren’t always as high, durable, and strong as they once were. Quality and detailed support are key!

Do you have trouble finding lingerie? Stay tuned for more lingerie recommendations for women 50+!

You can also reach out to our Bra Doctor for specialized help.

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