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Could a bra myth be stopping you from truly benefiting from lingerie?

There are some “facts” about bras you may believe to be true that we’re about to debunk for you. This way, your bra can do the absolute most for you, or you may even develop a deeper appreciation for the magic that bras can do for you life!

Myth: Bras Are Uncomfortable

Loveswept Lacy Underwire Plunge Bra by Blush

Some women refrain from bras because they think they’re uncomfortable. Some women also experiment with only one or two styes of bras because they don’t want to try something new.

If your bra is uncomfortable, it’s probably the wrong size! Get measured or measure yourself again. Contrary to popular belief, your bra isn’t supposed to dig in, hurt you, move around, or ride up or down.

Myth: Wire-Free Bras Aren’t Supportive Enough

Soft Cup Moulded Full Support Cotton Bra by Naturana Lingerie

Don’t be afraid to embrace the wireless trend! These bras are great if you don’t like underwire or find that underwire irritates you (when you’re PMSING or in hot climates, etc.)

Wireless bras are designed for busts of all shapes and sizes, and often use other methods to support your breasts – special bands, sturdier straps, and structured cups, to name a few.

Myth: Bralettes Are Only For Small Busts


Dalis Lace Wireless Bralette by Parfait

Sure, a bralette doesn’t always do much for your shape. That doesn’t mean you should write them off!

Just as we discussed wireless bras being designed for all shapes and sizes, so too are bralettes. You can even find bralettes with wires or partial wires if you can’t do without.

Myth: Bras That Fit DD+ Are Expensive


Charlotte Satin Padded Retro Bra by Parfait – This bra goes up to an H cup!

All bras can be expensive, but all bras can also be affordable.

Brands like Parfait and Triumph create some or most of their bras in a variety of sizes. They’re modern and sexy and will match your own personal style. And as body positivity becomes the norm, more brands will emerge that’ll have expanded size ranges. You can also shop by your size on our website so you can get your size faster.

Have we helped debunk any bra myths for you? Are there some other things you believe about lingerie that we can explain or debunk for you?

Share with us in the comments below!

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