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Glam Up Your Bra to Win! Enter our Bra Decorating Contest!

Attention, lingerie lovers! 

*Entry deadline for NTL’s Glam Up Your Bra Contest has been extended until December 31, 2012.*

If you’re a passionate bra-caholic like I am, you’re going to love Now That’s Lingerie’s Glam Up Your Bra Contest! Decorate a bra (used or new) any way you want, with snazzy rhinestones, feathers, flowers, pearls, sequins, or anything that’s eye-catching and DEMANDS attention (and hopefully not from the Fashion Police). Transform any bra into a new creation of your own for a chance to win! 3 winners will win 1 of 3 gift cards for $250, $150 or $100 to shop on Now That’s Lingerie (and you and our Facebook Fans get to vote on the winner!).

Here are some decorated bras we love that we’ve found around the web.
We hope they get your creative bra decorating juices flowing!

Mermaid Bra


Unicorn and Flower Decorated Bra


Scrabble Inspired Bra


Breast Cancer Awareness Decorated Bra


Bra with eyes peeking out of fingers

Bra with Eyes Peeking Out of Fingers


Bling Bling! Decorated Bra


Monopoly-Inspired Decorated Bra

Monopoly-Inspired Decorated Bra


Barbie Decorated Bra


Zebra Decorated Bra

Zebra Decorated Bra


Breast of Show Pie Decorated Bra


Candy Decorated Bra


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  • Cindy

    What a fun way to celebrate bras!

  • admin

    Thanks Cindy, we couldn’t agree more! 🙂

  • Cindy

    My best friend could do an awesome bra job, but she has too many projects on the go already.

    I could enter, but my artistic ability is best described using phrases like “not very artistic”.

    I support this Bra art extravaganza even if I am all thumbs.

  • admin

    Hi Cindy!!! Please do tell your friend about our contest; it’s going to be lots of fun! As for being “all thumbs”, I can relate but it doesn’t make trying to play with glitter, rhinestones and pom-poms any less fun! 🙂

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