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How To Fix Your Falling Bra Straps

We know your day can be hectic enough already; there’s no need to have to constantly be pulling up your bra straps every few minutes!

Luckily for you, there are several things that you can do to save your bra straps from falling. We’re here to uncover some of the simple solutions you need to save your bra straps and some ShopNTL products that can also help.

1. Adjust, Adjust, Adjust

via Sugarscape

via Sugarscape

Those little plastic pieces on your bra straps? Those are your friends! Often times a simple adjustment needs to be made to tighten your bra straps up to keep them from slipping down. Repetitive wear and activity can loosen your straps over time, so be sure to adjust them to your liking before or after you put on your bra. Just make sure they don’t dig in!

2. Has Your Bra Size Changed?

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Our bra size will not stay the same just because we’re adults. Sometimes, it may feel like the straps are too big or are digging into our shoulders because our bra does not fit anymore. It’s important to measure yourself frequently – little changes aren’t a huge deal – but a big change such as a cup increase or decrease could be contributing to your strap problem.

The style of your bra may also not be doing you any favours. Don’t force yourself into bras that may be too small or may not support your breast. Especially for women with big busts – buy the bras that have the deeper cups and wider straps that support the weight of your breast tissue. You can still find sexy styles that work for your bust.

3. It’s Time to Say Bye-Bye



When you stick with that one favourite bra for every single day, it’s going to wear down faster than it should. Your bra straps constantly loosening up or losing their elasticity is one of the first signs that a bra is starting to break down. Be sure to circulate which bras you wear and have enough options to do so. Need to find a bra like your trusted favourite? Talk to our Bra Doctor for some advice!

4. Check The Band

via Huffington Post

via Huffington Post

The position of your back band could play a role in your straps falling. It may seem disconnected, but if your back band is not sitting properly, whether because of fit or position, the bra isn’t sitting properly all together. That can lead to your straps falling.

Be sure that after putting on your bra, you’re not just adjusting the front and doing your scoops – you also want to make sure your back band is sitting below your shoulder blades and flush to the front of your bra. If your back band is too big, then making sure you’re wearing the right size can help. The size of the band can also increase, as well as the number of hooks on the back band, as the cups get deeper, so keep that in mind as well.

To help with some of these solutions, we have some accessories available on ShopNTL that could go a step further to keep your bra straps from falling.

Invisible 3/8 Inch Bra Straps by Bra Doctor


If you have a convertible bra whose straps are a little worse for wear, try a simple swap with an invisible strap. They can be adjusted to your liking, and played with to work with all kinds of tops and sleeves. There’s no latex contained in these straps, which are made with a non-allergenic TPU material that’s durable and comfortable.

Silicone Shoulder Cushions by Fashion Essentials


These soft and squishy shoulder cushions are perfect for eliminating slippage, or even shoulder pain due to your straps, which can happen for a variety of reasons. Especially when you have a fuller bust, it can be painful for some women to have all that pressure on their back and shoulders. These cushions will grip your straps and keep them directly off your shoulders, and will not show under your clothing.

Do you have any other pesky bra problems you need some answers for?

Leave us a comment and our Bra Doctor will be sure to answer – and we may even make it the subject of our next Bra Doctor blog!

Be sure to stay tuned in to the latest lingerie tips and solutions by following our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Our YouTube channel also has some fantastic advice you’ll want to know!

Until next time, keep those shoulders up and those bra straps in place!





  • Joelene

    Hi! I need help….no matter what I do my bra straps always fall unless I get the kind you can cross in the back. However that’s not the only issue I have. My 38C slides up in the front and my 36D is too tight and the cups gap. Any ideas?

  • admin

    Hello Joelene,
    I hope all is well.
    All those issues are due to the sizing and the straps as well. First and foremost I would recommend that you or seamstress have your straps reduced in length in this way they won’t fall off and affect the band. Once this is done you should retry the bra to see if the band still slides in the front. If it does, this means you should reduce the band to a 36D. Not all 36D are made the same however you can always use a bra back extender that will make the 36 a little more comfortable. Cups gap because of 2 reasons mainly, the cup size is too big, solution would be to reduce the size from a D to a C, the other reason is the style is not convenient so change from a full cup to a balconette or even demi bra.
    Hope this helps, if not please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Celine 1-855-521-4244

  • Victoria

    This article is so helpful. You stand or sit still and you’re fine, but the minute you move around, a strap starts to slide. You end up spending way too much time fiddling with your bra instead of doing what you’d really like to be doing. I like the Invisible Bra Straps the most.

  • admin

    Hello Victoria!

    Thank you so much for your feedback! We’re glad you found it helpful and we’re always here to help with any lingerie related questions.

    Have a great day!

    – The NTL Team

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