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If you find underwire uncomfortable no matter how well your bra fits, what do you do? Do you just not wear a bra?

Well, you could, but you’d be surprised to know how many more options are out there for you! Not only are wireless bras so well-made now that the support is equivalent, but there are also partial wires bras and non-metal underwires for those picky ladies.

Here are just a few options of bras for women who hate underwire.

Partial Wire Bras

Prodigy Ultimate Push Up Bra by Montelle Intimates

This pillowy soft push up bra has all the lifting power you could ever dream of, but only with a partial wire. A blanket of plushness also covers the wire that is there. Enjoy this bra in several beautiful colors.

Harlow Bralette With Quarter Wire by Blush Lingerie

We all love a sexy little bralette but may not like the way our breasts look in them.

Thankfully, this quarter wire bralette is just as beautiful as any other bralette but with something extra and comfortable for support.

Magic Wire

Magic Wire is an innovative invention special to Triumph Lingerie, which is essentially a non-metal, soft wire that is part of the bra pad. You get the lift you desire in the softest way possible.

Some bras you can shop with Magic Wire:

Body Make Up Essentials High Apex Bra by Triumph Lingerie

Body Make Up Essentials Magic Wire T-Shirt Bra by Triumph Lingerie


Don’t be fooled by the name. Wire-free does not mean there’s no support. It just means the bra relies on other things for support – the back band, the cups, the straps, or seams. There are also wireless bras that aren’t bralettes.

There are great wireless bras that don’t sacrifice lift or balance.

What is YOUR favorite style of bra?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Barb Lembke

    How do wires do anything except dig into your chest? Obviously they are UNDER breasts; how does that help support them?!

  • admin

    Hello Ms Lembke,
    There are many parameters that relate to support. First and foremost is the fabric. If the fabric stretches, then the breast tissue is not supported, the next is the center gore. If the center gore is not high enough, the breasts are not very supported. Underwires do not necessarily add to the support, you can have a wireless full support bra. Underwires give the breasts shape because the breast tissue is seperated. I hope this helps, if not, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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