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Welcome to the next part of our new Love Yourself series. We believe in the power of lingerie and how it’s a tool to help people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Each part will focus on a particular body part that people can be insecure about, and how to embrace it with a little bit of help from lingerie.

While the standards of beauty have changed over the years, one of the constants is a small waist.

Is that most women’s reality? No. There are so many different body types and they have all been popularized at one point in time. So what does that mean? They’re all beautiful!

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For some of us, we carry extra weight in our waist. For some of us, we don’t have a defined waist. It’s important for us to understand how little control we have over the size or look of our waist. Sure, you could wear a corset or waist trainer, but is that really practical long term?

A little bit of help from lingerie can go a long way, and is not only more comfortable, but more subtle as well.


Some comfortable, breathable, easy-to-wear shapewear is great to have on hand for those days where maybe you’re a little bloated or not feeling your best.

It can help smooth things out and highlight the curves you love.

Longline Bras

A longline bra extends to the waist, either offering a little bit more coverage, or can help smooth out the waistline a little bit.

It’s subtle, but it can help you feel a little bit more locked in, even if it’s just mentally.

A-Line Chemise

You know a chemise isn’t just for the bedroom – it’s for outdoors too.

An A-line chemise comes in at the waist and extends past the hips, naturally defining your waist regardless of its size.

The moral of the story: some people go to unhealthy lengths to achieve a small waist line, when for a lot of women, it’s just not how their body is made. There are little ways to enhance your waist, but there’s no way to change the shape. So don’t spend your time wishing you could change – love the body you were blessed with! Standards of beauty are so objective and change all the time, so there’s no point in trying to conform.

Which body part are you insecure about? Share with us and we may just make it part of our next Love Yourself series!

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