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How do you know if your lingerie truly fits you? It’s more than just simply being able to hook up your bra or pull up your panties. You can only get the optimal support necessary from lingerie if it fits you absolutely everywhere on your body. We understand that lingerie can be very complicated, with varying sizes amongst manufacturers and a wide range of styles. At #ShopNTL, we are always available to help answer any questions regarding fit and style and we are constantly developing resources to eliminate doubt and confusion. When you’re trying on a bra or a pair of panties, here are some simple fit tests that you should complete before you decide to make a purchase.

The first step is knowing your size. Try our tips for self-measuring at home.

Fill Up Your Cups

Image via WikiHow

Image via WikiHow

Sometimes when you put on a bra for the first time, it may appear that it doesn’t fit because your breasts are popping out just a little bit at the sides. All they need is some encouragement. Take your breast from the bottom, closest to your armpit, and scoop it up in a slightly diagonal manner towards the middle of your chest. If you are wearing the right size bra, this will help your breasts fit nicely in the cups and there will be no more bulges near your armpits or on the sides. If you still see spillage, then your cups are too small.

The Hand Test

Image via HerRoom

Image via HerRoom

The right fitting band will sit flat and straight along your back, and should line up at and slightly below where the bottom of your breasts are. If you see that your band is straight, chances are, the bra is good in terms of band size. However, there is another little test you can do to ensure that your back band is not too tight. When your band is secured on the loosest setting, slide your hand underneath the band (leave the thumb out) in a flat position. If you have enough room for your hand, then your band size is good. Then, turn your hand and see if you can pull your hand away from your back. If you can, then the band size is too large; if you can’t but your hand does fit inside of the band, then it fits well.

Raise The Roof!

Lace and Roses Underwired Bra by Naturana Exklusiv

Lace and Roses Underwired Bra by Naturana Exklusiv

Your bra looks like it fits when you are just standing there, but how does it stand up against movement? In order to find this out, you need to do these tests. Raise your arms and see if your bra stays put. It should, and if it doesn’t, then chances are the bra is a little bit too big. Your underwire should not raise up and sit along your breasts when your raise your arms. Another thing you do is jump up and down to see if your bra moves at all when you do. You’ll feel silly for a few seconds, but it’s one of the best ways to know how your bra is going to take you through the day.

Dance In Your Panties

100 Per Cent Cotton Brief with Etched Embroidery by Naturana Lingerie

100 Per Cent Cotton Brief with Etched Embroidery by Naturana Lingerie

Panties are clearly way less complicated than bras are, but they can still be put to the test as the proper fit also matters to your health and to your comfort level. You do have to be wearing panties to try on other panties, but you can still navigate whether or not they will fit you correctly. Do some slight squats and some bending over to test whether or not they will ride up or fall down with movement. Ensure the crotch is completely covered, as if it’s not, you run the risk of the crotch riding up, which can cause irritation and infection. Although this one may be obvious, make sure the panties don’t dig in anywhere; any edging should sit softly against your body.

Have you tried any of these simple fit tests when you’ve tried on lingerie, whether in store or once your #ShopNTL package arrives? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. You can also chat with us about these fit tests on Facebook and Twitter. See more lingerie fitting tips and so much more on our Pinterest page, and watch some of our personal tips on YouTube.




  • peaches & screams

    Lingerie fitting has always been a sticky point for me. However, I sometimes like to take a common sense approach. If my lingerie feels comfortable and flattering, then I deem it fit. The size guide is more of a general rule of thumb for me as to the range i should be focusing on.

  • admin


    You are right to consider those things to determine whether or not your lingerie fits! Comfort and how it looks on you is a crucial part of lingerie fitting. Size guides are also great tools as not every bra in the same size will fit perfectly. Thank you for your comment!

    The NTL Team

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