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When you’re at work or out for the night, you undoubtedly have more important things on your mind than whether you can see traces of VPL (notoriously known as evil Visible Panty Lines) under your dress, skirt or pants, and whether your bra is creating unflattering bulges under your arms, in back, and in front. Here are three surefire tips & styles that will help eliminate all these minor issues and get a smooth and sexy silhouette.

35982 Seamless Full Support Minimizer Bra by Olga, available at Now That's Lingerie

Minimizer bras like this one by Olga often have wider back bands to hide side and back bulges.

Minimizer bras like this one by Olga often have wider back bands to hide side and back bulges.

Smooth Silhouette Tip 1) If your bra doesn’t fit… don’t wear it. It’s only natural that our body weights fluctuate over the seasons, with winter and holiday time nearly guaranteeing a few extra pounds – between the delicious turkey, desserts, and vino, and the decrease in our exercise levels (well, mine anyway!). You may find that your bra is mysteriously tighter than usual, or your breasts are spilling out of your bra cups, no matter how you adjust your straps. So stop wearing it! Wearing the wrong bra size – particularly a too-small bra – is always unflattering (not to mention uncomfortable & unhealthy), instead of giving you the natural and sleek-looking finish you deserve. A properly fitted bra will help hide any bulges under your arms and in back, caused by too-tight and bra back bands with narrow widths, and your bra cups will fully envelop your breasts to prevent spillage and bumps. The end result: a smooth silhouette you can rely on and unparalleled comfort that will be so reassuring, you’ll be strutting with confidence in no time. (Plus-sized tip: try a bra with wider back wings which help smooth out your sides and back like this Olga minimizer bra, while providing full support for day or night, lending a slimmer shape to your upper torso.)

Smooth Silhouette Tip 2) Find underwear that won’t cause VPL,

6503 Grenier Vintage Touch Lacy Shaping Bodysuit, available at Now That's Lingerie
6503 Grenier Vintage Touch Lacy Shaping Bodysuit, available at Now That’s Lingerie

but that’s so comfy you’ll forget you’re wearing any. New innovations in fabrics and clothing production are now leading us down the path to laser-cut and seamless panties, which have virtually no seams and give you a smooth, barely-there finish and feel. Naturana’s cotton Invisible Touch line includes ideal basics for day or night that offer all the breathability and softness of cotton with the flirty, seamless finish you can wear under even the tightest of pants, dresses or skirts. Many of my comfort-savvy clients also adore Warner’s Pinching, No Problems panty or hipster, specially created to eliminate unwanted lines and bulges. For a retro treat, try the ever-popular classic high-rise Vintage Touch lace panty by Grenier (or their sensual one-piece Vintage Touch shaping bodysuit, which leaves you an elegant lacy touch and smooth finish, while helping smooth out your tummy and derriere while giving you support.)

1232 Triumph Lace Sensation Seamless Shaping Body Dress, available at Now That's Lingerie
1232 Triumph Lace Sensation Seamless Shaping Body Dress, available at Now That’s Lingerie

Smooth Silhouette Tip 3) Find shapewear that shapes you – no asphyxiation required. It’s a MYTH that shapewear and controlwear are supposed to be so tight that you can’t breathe (despite what some of my girlfriends may believe!).   Back when corsets were the norm for ladies, they would be laced up so tightly that these women often succumbed to dizzy spells and fainting! And if you ask me, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to look and feel sexy and confident when you are gasping for air. Yes, shapewear is intended to be a “second skin”, but it’s my belief that this means a comfortable second skin! One of my longtime clients now swears by Triumph’s Lace Sensation collection, particularly the long and lacy seamless shaping body dress and the high-rise mid-thigh shaper, for helping give her a smooth effect under any of her clothes. The new Perfect Body line by Naturana slims you out while also emphasizing your natural curves seamlessly – I especially love the high-rise thigh shaper that is perfect for any clothing, even dresses.

Stay tuned for more style and bra fitting tips to help you feel & look your personal best!

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